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Looks like the release notes for 4.3.2 indicate an upcoming download for XRv (XR4U?).  4.3.2 is available for download now for ASR9000 and CRS.  Anyone know when we might see a download for XRv?

It will be nice to have a couple of these VMs running in a lab.


Do you have plans for realizing "iccp redundancy" in IOS-XRv?

There are no plans to support this.



Is it still no plans to realize "iccp redundancy" in IOS-XRv?

There are still no plans to support this, although basic HA (+LC's) was added - it is only used internally - not externally.

The reason being, new features are being added to the next generation XR virtual platform, XRv9k. (

Download here:

Search for "sunstone".

However this feature of course is not available either yet - but there's a greater chance of it happening in the future.

I don't have permission. Could you shared demo IOS XRv 9000 version?


I'm wondering, do you have in plans support 10G interfaces on IOS-XRv for Production images?

hi Alexandr,

please send me your CCO user ID via private message and I'll grant you access.

This is the way you can send me (or anyone else) a private message on supportforums:

  1. go to your messages
  2. click on "New message"
  3. copy/paste the recipient's name (as it apprears in the supportforums)
  4. send the message




Could you please try:

I see the images here and I was able to download.

Some other useful links:

Installing IOS XRv on ESXi and QEMU/KVM (by Kenneth Go and Lim Fung)

Introduction to Cisco IOS XR Technical Workbook (By Brad Edgeworth and Vinit Jain)

IOS XRv Software - Download and Installation Guide

Message was edited by: Richard Wellum - added useful links.

It's funny how people rush to download and they forget to say thank you !!!!

Anyway thank you.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

My search for IOSXRv ended in this thread.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Hello Richard,


I'm part of an world education center in high tech and we would like to use this images in one of our training.

It's not a Cisco training (it's general routing training), but it would obviously promote the Cisco devices.


Please, does the licence on the demo allow us to use them in our educational centers?


Thank you for your answer.

Yes any non-production use (training / education etc) is covered by the demo image, and there is no license for this - just download and enjoy:

Note that the latest 522 images are available.


Rich Wellum


Thank you for your answer.

Hello Richard,


Is this image 6RD capable? I see IPv6 but no trace of 6RD as in regular IOS or XR CGN OS.


Thanks in advance for your answer.

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