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I have an issue with dynamic routing

Hello, I've been struggling with connecting a router to an SSH server recently.The router#1 can be accessed without any issues from the SSH server, but the router#2, which is part of the cluster with #1, cannot be accessed via SSH. Both routers have ...

zzkang12 by Beginner
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how to stack cbs350-12xs-uk

Hello,We are getting 2 Cisco CBS350-12XS switches and want to stack them over the available 2 x 10 Gigabit copper ports. Can someone guide whether it is possible to stack over these copper ports?Also i understand that there are only 2 x 10 G copper p...

MACsec for industrial context ....

Hi all,    I'm trying to configure and use MACsec but the only things I can have are REBOOT ! I've read different document from CISCO (I try to understand, I deduce but I'm never sure about what I do ...), even the good articles from @Tim Glen but my...

DNS NAT translation not working for newer MacOS

My NAT policies have DNS translation enabled so that queries resolve to internal private IPs of servers when available.  This works fine for PC users but I have noticed that Macs running Ventura and newer OS resolve the public IP.  On the VLAN with t...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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c9200 excessive loggs. %IOSXE_INFRA-6-PROCPATH_CLIENT_HOG

We get these loggs messages all the time and I can not figure out why.1 56    C9200-48P          16.12.1          We get them every 3-7 minutes. 025023: Sep 30 18:13:46.644 UTC: %IOSXE_INFRA-6-PROCPATH_CLIENT_HOG: IOS shim client 'chasfs' has taken 3...

WxCC API - Access denied when trying to create a user

Hi,I'm trying to create a user using the WxCC API. All the available scopes are enabled in the application settings (including cjp:config_write and cjds:admin_org_write) and the access token scope is for all of them.When I send a post request to http...

benny3 by Beginner
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MAC Flapping, and how to properly setup etherchannels

Hello.so i'm in the middle of an assignment and i've started getting MAC flapping on my port channels.i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to stop.most of what i've read is to setup spanning tree, but i'm not sure exactly how to do th...

2023-10-02 09_11_19-Window.png
thom784e by Beginner
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GLBP in depth guide

Hello everyone, I have written the following guide for myself for my CCNP switch studies. I would like to publish it here for the benefit of others as I was not able to find all the information for it in one place and a lot of different documentation...

ADSL2+ NIM-VAB-A Troubleshooting

I'm having an issue where my ADSL dialer interface is not coming up despite the VDSL controller is trained using Verizon ADSL in the Eastern US. Here is Verizon's pertinent configurartion: VPI:0 VCI:35 Encapsulation: LLC PPPoE username/password: X.X....

emuman100 by Beginner
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Cisco IOS XE upgrade Issue (C9606R-C9600X-SUP-2)

Hello Team,I was trying to upgrade Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.08.01 to Version 17..11.1. However the upgrade process fails and shows the following error message.switch# install add file bootflash:cat9k-wlc.17.11.1.SPAinstall_add: Adding IMG/fl...

21T by Beginner
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Cisco IE-3200 and web gui, user right elevation?

Hi, I have setup radius authentication for my IE-3200, so that if radius fails it will use local account for access. When local account is used it goes touser level and you need to know enable password to go lvl15 and do changes, this is how I need i...

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