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Cisco Employee

What is the most important aspect of the adoption methodology?

In the Webex adoption methodology we have business drivers, the five pillars of success (leadership; technical readiness; use cases; communications; champions), and the measurement components. When you are driving change in your organization - which one is your powerhouse MUST have to ensure success?


What resources do you use?


Don't be shy on details! Tell us the story of how you were successful.

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In the education world, I feel you need champions to help ensure successful change.  These champions are the ones going out to help hold the hands of those that are more timid in trying new technology.  

Great tip!

A very good point and, unfortunately, one that gets overlooked a lot of times. Having users who are champions is a win-win for everyone!

Cisco Employee

In my humble opinion the most critical aspect is the buy-in from leadership, if you don't have the support from the c-level executives it will be very hard to have a successful adoption. 

I agree with this 100%, if the leadership team is not onboard or at least willing to consider the proposal, the adoption will not be setup for success from the start.

Cisco Employee

For me it is Technical Readiness, as an implementer of the new technology, to plan and prepare , specially for the technically challenged, is one of the keys to success. There are all sort of customers/clients, some would be more savvy than others, if we plan and prepare for an easy transition or new tool, the better we are prepare to tackle the questions/issues from new users , the smoother and friendly the technology will be for them all.


 I agree with so many of these but for me it was having the leadership buy in, without there support the project would have stalled in its infancy. 

Steven Terry
Cisco Employee

I think stakeholder buy in is critical. If you lose your sponsor(s) during the adoption phase, you will most likely see lower adoption than what you had outlined.

Cisco Employee

I find Recruiting Champions to be the most  important pillar for toward achieving success. Without first having a liaison between you and your adopters, you cannot begin to build the foundation of the other pillars. 


I think its lots of Technical preparation and raising champion inside the customer. We did several live sessions using the tools that users need. We show them how to use them. We also demonstrate how the solution help them change their usual way of doing things

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Cisco Employee

IMO you cant really limit this to one, as successful adoption needs all of them. If I had to limit them, I would consider the most important aspects are technical readiness, management buy-in and adoption champions.


You need to make sure there are no blockers preventing user adoption, support from the executive level and individuals in the business who are using the platform which can drive change.

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

I would says USE CASE. 

video conferencing, online meeting are new things for Gulf region.. It was illegal till Pandemic.. Now people started adopting Online meetings. Since online meeting are new topic, firs we need to make them understand how companies use webex. Once we open this discussion, they come up with more ideas and we on work with them.

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Hugo Chevalier

For me, use cases are the best way to convice customers

Technical readiness is major player for adoption, it forms the foundation of a successful campaign


In the education world, I feel you need champions to help ensure successful change.  These champions are the ones going out to help hold the hands of those that are timider in trying new technology.  

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