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Good Day Everyone,I have a very simple setup, as in one VRF I have a couple of BDs associated with the same vrf and different EPGs.All previous BDs (gateways) I can ping on leaf with ping X.X.X.X vrf XYZ command but current BD which is ditto of old B...

Dear CommunityWe are trying to implement DHCP in ACI with DHCP Relay with Multiple-VRFs (Inter-VRF). As DHCP Server customer is using Infoblox and first tests where not successfull. For info, dhcp in same VRF where DHCP Server is also located works w...

Hi Guys in N9K families Does the the Built-in ASE and ALE type of ASIC defines the Switches roles inside Fabric regardless of the explicitly role assignment during discover , aka this acts as spine while this acts as leaf Thanks

Hi, I have a hypothetical design question with regards to Multi site ACI.  I see most articles and designs discussing the use of Dark fibre between sites.  I do however see that it is also possible to use other solutions too.  I.e. If there were thre...

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Hi Guyswhen we enable /21 pool for Multicast how BUM traffic behave inside Fabric with regard to EPG I Know foe Ex when define EPG = APP  , automaticaly ACI assign multicast form that pool to EPG let say pls elaborate thanks

Hi, I'm trying to deploy the Cloud APIC in Azure and the deployment creates all the elements but the virtual machine remains stuck in the "Creating" state until the deployment fails. If I go to the serial console I can see that the Cloud APIC has boo...