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Hello there,I have one load balancer (ACE A2 3.6a) that is acting weird on simple capture traces.setting up an access-list:access-list test extended permit ip any host the following unusual output:15:38:53.956439 0:c:9:b8:0:0 0:55:0:5...

silk by Level 1
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Hi,Our ACE Primary device got hang its not responded to management or console access. After rebooting the device everything is came to normal, but we are getting the following error from console.901001 <2>Dec 11 15:42:20 kernel: System running low on...

The SRE-700 comes configured with 2x2M DRAM. I have an SRE-700 with 2x4M DRAM installed but it gives alarms about unsupported configuration as 8M although it is working and optimising traffic. I want to remove one of the 4M module but not sure if the...

achong by Level 1
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Hi..I am having WAE-7371 and WAE-574 in my network and planning to migrate my network to IPV6.. At present running IOS  in my network is oe574-4.4.5c.4 at CM and oe574-4.1.1c.16 at Sites and oe7371-4.1.3a.32 at DC/DR..Please help me out to get the IO...

Hi I would like to know... if someone knows how to size a Load Balancer. If i dont have statistics, what is the best way to size a load balancer1. Size of the Internet Connection - 10 Mbps 2. SSL offload ..........unsure 3. Number of Webservers 2 reg...

rahulja by Level 1
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Hi,Recently, we have tried to migrate one of the web services that is fronted by the Cisco ACE 4710 and we observed that some of the HTTP packets were dropped by the ACE 4710 as the maximum parse length (e.g. HTTP header) exceeded the default length ...

Dave Ng by Level 1
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