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Resolved! Optimizing large files

Hi all,I have a WAAS environment with one WAVE-574 configured as Central Manager, 2 WAE-674's as accelerator at the data center and a mix of WAE-502 WAE-522 at branch offices and all devices configured using the default policies. I've been doing file...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! ACE URL Rewrite

Hi Guys,Just need to know if I'm correct but I'm trying to setup a HTTP Rewarite for a hostname. I.E if a user addressed and i wanted it to redirect to can this function do that?If so I have tried ...

isgwebb1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Restrict Access to VIP

Hi All,I am trying to restrict a certain number of source addresses accessing a VIP.For example i want to permit access to a VIP address (i.e, only to specific source networks ( and and deny anything else ...

Resolved! Transparent ACE Design

Hi,I am designing a data centre with VSS, FWSM & ACE. I am using the design guide below as a start point, using the red service chain. topology will be routed access with...

Xchange 2010 and ACE 4710

Currently testing our new xchange servers behind our ACE 4710 in qa..I have 2 xchange servers in 1 server farm behind the ACE. No SSL being used.All seems to be working thru the mapi client, but the OWA web connection seems to be timing out quickly.A...

dclee by Beginner
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Hi FolksWe have a requirement to load balance web traffic for services such as Outlook Web Access across two datacentre locations. I understand that the GSS devices would be what we require (?)In addition we require internal load balancing of some Ex...

Redirection question

Hi,I want to use an ACE appliance as an ssl proxy with user certificate authentication  .everything is configured and working fine but I want to know if I could redirect users that dont have a certificate to a certain web pageso that they would know ...

CSS load balancing issue

Hi,I've following configuration setup on CSS. users are complaning that the request isn't going to service1, it always goes to service2. (even though both services are up - if I check them on CSS). please advise what could be the issue.service servic...

gavin han by Beginner
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