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ACE : TCL script for SSH sessions

Hi, Anyone who has experiences with ACE using TCL script language for configuring probes that has to start a SSH sessions to the real servers. Within this SSH sessions commands, started from the real servers has to pass return codes to the script. I ...

wim.juste by Beginner
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Resolved! ACE: Writing probe scripts

Hi,Instead of using a ready made probe script, i'm trying to modify one and upload to ace.If i save a notepad file as .tar will it work?I'm planning to open a standard probe script with notepad , modify and save.AdditionallyI'm trying to modify the r...

s.srivas by Beginner
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waas - ftp - checksum problem

Hi, I've a server configured for http and ftp services in DC. HTTP service is working correctly but ftp not. On wae there is a session for ftp traffic but for customer there is no any result. In branch there is PBR and in DC - wccp. I noticed by serv...

Source IP stickyness question

In the parameters to be set for stickyness based on IP, there is a mask to be configured. Can someone explain the behaviour of changing the length of this mask, say versus or any other permutation.Also, I would like to ...

quesne02 by Beginner
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CSS 115xx and SSL module.

Good day, I have a general question on the SSL module. Currently we have a pair of CSS's handeling our external site web sites. We are starting to run out of external IP addresses, If we installed the SSL module and terminated the Certificates on the...