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Hello,is the following scenario possible using TAPI & CUCM?-A has a call with B on line 1- A has a call with C on line 2- A somehow mixes the two calls, so that B and C will be together in a call, without A, and without C to be needed to answer anoth...

Hello,I'm connecting to CUCM 10.5.1 and the IT guys who have set it up say that they have enabled the call out ringtone (the music that the dialer hears). I have tested this with Cisco IP Communicator and yes, it has a ringing sound when making a cal...

We are kinda new when it come to customize web application to call TAPI. Previously, we have been using Web dialer to make a call to the destination number without problem and want to upgrade our application to another level. Note that this case, we ...

Supawit.p by Beginner
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Hi,I am new to CISCO and my task is to do the CTI integration using CUCM 9.1. For testing purpose i have setup the collaboration 9.1 lab and expecting to get the VPN details ASAP. As per the details we can connect and test the connection using Any co...

After creating the provider and waiting for it to be up and running, I tried calling provider.getTerminals(). But this method returns null.When I looked at the properties of the provider, I found "canobserveanyterminal" property having 'null' value (...

razaali20 by Beginner
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Resolved! UDS Authentication

I am trying to write a program that will allow me to access and update end user information using CUCM's Restful UDS api.  I created an end user with CCM Super User access however when I try to do anything that requires authentication I get a 403 err...

Hi teamassuming that I'm not an expert in development area and especially in APIs I got a question from a financial customer that I really don't know how to address. Question raised from this link

mmenozzi by Cisco Employee
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Hi team,    how can i configure on Media Sense to recording seletive calls ?  users can only view their own recordings, the administrator can view all the recording.How steps i have to do.Thanks,Jacky

鲍魏 by Beginner
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Hello,We are trying to create a call recording application using JTAPI and Built-in Bridge feature (automatic call recording), and we are trying to correlate a call ID of the original call to call IDs of the two new recording calls. We are handling C...