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Hey community, I am working on a JTAPI project. I am stuck on something and came here to ask for a small help.if (event instanceof CiscoCallEv) { CiscoCallEv ciscoEvent = (CiscoCallEv) event;         ciscoEvent.getCall().toString() // this ret...

melroy by Level 1
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We are working to connect Genesys PureConenct and Genesys PureEngage together, passing through Cisco CUCM.  We have a SIP trunk from CUCM to Connect and a SIP trunk from CUCM to Engage.  The original proof of concept had an INVITE sent from CONNECT t...

SIP-Conversation.jpg SIP-REFER-with-ININ.jpg
djohnson by Level 1
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Hello,  I have a CTI appllication that works fine. Tried to secure the CTI connection following this very good guide. I have a c...

RITT by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to establish a secure connection between CUCM and TSP.I think i've followed everything in this document correctly: Security Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 12.5(1) - Certificate Authority Proxy Function [Cisco Un...

philicarr by Level 1
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Hello, at the moment we implement JTAPI to our solution. Because i dont want to monitor all Phones in the CUCM cluster, i was thinking if it is possible to monitor also SIP Trunks to see all calls which are running on the SIP Trunk. Is there any API ...

How to make DTMF and TTS work in cisco jtapi system. What are its settings so that my call goes from one phone to another phone. In what way can these two be used in my Java code?

You 15-12-2023 00:35 •Hi, I am new to Cisco CUCM. I am trying to run the application to make a call in JTAPI.I create one application user in cisco Unified CM Administration but still I am not ...

souradeep by Level 1
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Hello - Looking for some help with JTAPI implementation. Plan is to build a web softphone for 3rd party call control where the purpose is only to control the device through the UI. Reading the developer guide looks like I need to get provider (I read...

PVYAPA by Level 1
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Hi Actually we are working CRM and we want to ingerate our cucm as communication  feature from browser, or api that will let customer call from website through plugin they click and redirect them to our central If so what are the requirements for thi...