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Jean Lofrano

TCL IVR migration 2900 to ISR

Hi guys,


I have been trying to migrate a TCL IVR script from 2900 to ISR router for days, but the router show a lot of erros.

On debug process the most part of the functions are not compatible with the new platform.

The script is very simple with options and make calls.

What do you suggest ?


Hi Kemal,

what issue you are facing, can you share the logs.



Hi Raghavendra


I'm trying to migrate my tcl from pri to sip trunk like that.


ITSP....PRI...2811....h323....CUCM...ip phone...



New gateway will be replace with ISR4331 with sip trunk instead of pri as follows. What i need to change on tcl scrip. I was open another post for that case just I want to know do i need to modify my TCL.


ITSP....sip trunk....4331....sip trunk.....CUCM...ip phone...


You were suggested following dp  previously..


dial-peer voice 200 voip
service ivr
session protocol sipv2
incoming called-number 798888
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
codec g711ulaw
no vad






as per your another below post , script change is not required.
Please make sure audio file codec matches with dial peer codec.


Hi @BEG_Tal 

@Raghavendra G V  helped so much to perform the tshooting.

Maybe your script is different than mine. So is very important you perform tshoot to understand your specific case.


In my case I had problems with codec and call setup process like comments here.




All the environment is working properly but the caller does not listen the tone ring back.

The script has been attaached.

Can you help please?

What do you mean  tone ring back ? 

Isn't it playing the audio file ?


media play leg_incoming $WelcomePrompt


No, no. This prompt is ok.


When I choose a option the script forward the caller to a destination. During this process the caller stay in mute until the destination answer the call. I would like to enable a calling tone for caller listen while he wait a answer..

Caller should hear ringback. 

What is the protocol of incoming/outgoing trunk ? 

You can also try 

leg setup $destination callinfo leg_incoming
playtone leg_incoming tn_ringback

SIP Protocol.


I changed the script like your suggestion. I will test again.

I applied like your suggestion. But it did not fix the problem.

When I call to system I m stay on mute until destination answer the call.

can you please check protocol trace ? SIP, 180 ringing ?

Yes, like attached file we have the 180 ringing.

So, if we have this output what is the problem ?

I think caller should hear ringback tone, please print output of this command "[infotag get leg_incoming]" before legsetup command

Collect logs with below debugs
debug voip app
debug ccsip messages
debug voip ccapi default



I m not able to hear the ring back tone yet.


I will get the debug logs and put here. Thanks for suggestion.



I have attached the last script version and the debug like your suggestion to check please. 


The script flow is working properly but the I don't hear the ring tone.. I stay a "mute" period until someone answer the call.

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