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hi all, i'm trying to figure out, how to configure PPPoE server on my ASR1006, over a BDI interface. i can terminate my PPPoE tunnel on a sub-interface  and everything is working well (customer 2) but as soon as i activate my BDI to do the same (cust...

SpoilerCould you provide the new certificate we can manually install? Using the fix for CSCvm81052 I now have AMP updates succeeding, however URL updates still fail. see you provide the n...

Hello Experts, After factory reset when I am configuring Cisco AP 3702. I am getting following errors, Following are the commands i have issued to AP.  capwap ap controller ip address x.x.x.x   Error : %LWAPP-3-CLIENTERRORLOG: Load nvram:/

23nick by Level 1
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Hi,  I had same issue with version sip8821.11-0-4-14, I found this message on web page --> message status log:   La registrazione del dispositivo è stata annullata al passaggio alla modalità di spegnimento a causa della funzionalità Power Save Plus  ...

ercolinux by Level 1
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We are facing the same issue with cisco 3650 series switch with IOS Version 16.3.6, one of the interface is showing incremental output drops and also the amount of drops packets are same if we can apply below command.   show platform hardware fed swi...

I have a issue on my ASA where i dont see traffic passing through IPSEC tunnel to one destination for a particular peer   i dont see IPSEC SA formed for the same Packet tracer shows me VPN phase up even we have No NAT everything looks normal kindly s...