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sean Riley

iPhone - Cisco Jabber won't verify account

Installed Cisco Jabber on my iPhone.  I followed the admin guide to set up the TCT device and line.  When I try to connect I get “Unable to verify account”.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working?

CUCM: 8.0(3)

CUPS: 8.6.2

Maciej Karpinski

Is your IPhone connected to a wifi network that has access to your UCM servers?

Yes, connected to our corporate wifi. I also was able to navigate to the UCM admin page via the browser on the iPhone.

Nac you see in RTMT logs if the phone is trying to connect and if the devicename that tries to connect is the same as you have configured?

I don't see the device trying to connect in RRMT logs.  I have attached the Jabber logs from the iPhone if they are of some help.

Hi Sean

Have you rebooted your CUCM cluster after adding the dual mode for iPhone cop file?

You absolutely need to do this - even of CUCM lets you configure the device with a reboot.

HTH. Barry

Yes, restarted the CUCM servers 2 nights ago after installing the iPhone cop file.  I had not done this prior to testing before hand.  So to be sure, after installing the iPhone cop file and restarting the cluster, I deleted and recreated the TCT device and removed and reinstalled the app on the iPhone.  Still same issue, "Unable to verify account".

Attached are some fresh log files from the iPhone this morning after reinstalling the app and trying to connect.


I have same issue. Did you solve this problem?

I have not resolved this and plan to open a TAC case when time permits.

I solved problem, change System -> Server -> "call manager name" to ip address. ı think this is a DNS problem.



Same problem here

i am able to call with Cisco Jabber, that works, but if i want to configure the Directory phone book, then i get the message : cannot verify account.

I have read all the Q and A 's for this, but seems i cannot solve that problem.

The APP is rgeat, but if i cannot access our corporate directory from the CUCM, that is a minus for me.

Somehow, it should be able to work, because i can however congifure the voicemail, that works.

On the server tab, i have put the IP adress of our CUCM server, which is also the TFTP

then i used to user and pw that are in the Enduser file of CUCM, but still, no conenction possible

the COP files for the rules are also installed, but are empty?

Any one an idea what i can do next

Hi Christian

Directory is from AD/LDAP, not from CUCM.

See the admin guide :


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I have te same problem of Sean, and dont using DNS for CUCM.


I opened a case with TAC several weeks ago.  After several days of unsuccessful troubleshooting, they think it is a bug with our version of CallManager.  We are running CUCM: 8.0(3) or to be exact.  Does anyone running this version of CallManager have this working?  I am working toward upgrading to 8.6(2a) and will go from there.

Im using the version and its not working.

On the IPhone appears "Unable to veiryf account"


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