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Jabber multiline & voicemail

Hi all,


i'm struggling to find any docs on Jabber Multiline & per line support/config for Unity Connection.


Is this as simple as having correct versions of the product set, installing the relevant cop file on CUCM & then just using alternate extensions on Unity Connection.  Does Unity Connection require any further configuration per user?


thanks in advance



Evgeny Izetov

I remember seeing somewhere that for multiline Jabber only the first line is supported for voicemail right now.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

How are you expecting/wanting Jabber to function? Are you talking about the visual voicemail tab, or just dialing voicemail, or forwarding calls to voicemail?

Hi Guys, thanks for the reply


states that


If Multiline is enabled, these features are only available on the primary line:

  • Call pickup

  • CTI control for the desk phone

  • Extend & Connect

    Expressway for Mobile and Remote Access deployment

so as it's not explicitly called out above, i'd expect it to be available for all lines.


How are you expecting/wanting Jabber to function?


I guess i'm expecting all missed/busy calls to each directory number can forward into the user's voicemail.


Are you talking about the visual voicemail tab, or just dialing voicemail, or forwarding calls to voicemail?


so, if i select a certain line (other than primary), dial the voicemail pilot, then the calling number carries over to unity connection, i'd expect it to route to the same user.  Or if forwarded calls from that line carry the line number.   I guess i'm expecting the same behaviour as alternate extension?  I maybe answering my own question here?  just use alternate extensions?


Visual voicemail


i'd hope to see all voicemails for the end user regardless of lines they came in on.  If there were a visual indicator to show on which line they came in on - great.  I don't think i'm all that fussed about that as long as they appear...

Since the Directory Number configuration in CUCM dictates where the forwarding goes on no-answer, I would assume there is little to no restriction on Jabber here. If what you are instead saying, is that this one user has two DNs, and you want both DNs to be tied to the same mailbox, then yes, you'll need an alternate extension on the mailbox which matches the second DN. Have you ever done what you're stating on a regular phone? Did you try doing this on Jabber already, or are you just thinking through the process?

Hi Anthony,


Thinking through the process & design really.  Yes i've configured alternate extensions for users previously & can't really see the use case for separate mailboxes (unless they were shared lines and departmental as opposed to user based),





I think I am running into a very similar thing, I am trying to set up Jabber 12.0 for our Customer Support agents who use UCCX.  Everything seems to be working okay with personal line as line 1, and CCX line as line 2 as far as Finesse agent calls go.  BUT I cannot get the Voicemails to show up or the MWI to light up on Line 2.  I am thinking that CUC doesn't allow multiple line VM Access.  Just one or the other depending on the account Info I plug into the options.

While things can always change in the future, Jabber's parts and pieces are separate components.


Adding multiple line appearances to the configuration obviously took them a bunch of time to manage that, and the UI for it.

Voicemail is its own component and piece, and uses the Unity Connection APIs to display voicemail associated with the credentials you supplied or are configured for you based on how the client is setup. You could build your own CUMI application and achieve more or less the same thing.


That mechanism has no awareness of "lines" as a concept. What'd you have to do with it, given the current arrangement, is have multiple voicemail 'accounts' setup for each of those lines, so you could view the mailbox.


Since CUC can send message counts, hopefully in the future you would at least be able to see mail is waiting, then select that line to call the voicemail pilot. Today you have no idea.


As others have suggested there are a number of ways to tackle this, mainly revolving around distribution. There are some games you can play with alternate extensions but this doesn't help you share that mailbox. You can also supply links in a custom tab to the web inbox. There's a graphical API which can display the MWI status of the mailbox with an icon, but that takes a bit of work to put together obviously.


This is a conundrum that is best cracked if you don't get down this road to begin with, that the system has moved over the last decade from "license units" and phone objects to user centrality. Re-designing your dialplan and station layout is difficult, but, spending the pain to disentangle shared lines/mailboxes from your workflow can pay off later both with services such as this, but Webex Teams or other user-centric collaboration services.

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