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Get a Sneak Peak into UCCX 11.6!

Cisco Employee

Did you ever wish that you can try out the next release's features before it comes out? Or start developing your custom applications using the new APIs before the release so that your application is ready when the release comes out? Well, now you can!

DevNet is proud to present to you the UCCX 11.6 EFT sandbox! This is the first time DevNet has made an EFT build publicly available and I hope you guys find it beneficial.

So what does it mean when this is a EFT build? This means that this version of UCCX does not contain all of the features that will be available in 11.6. The features that are in the build have been tested throughly, but are not guaranteed to be bug free. The intention of this sandbox is to get a sneak peek into the new features of 11.6 or even get a head start to building your applications against the new 11.6 APIs!

In this sandbox, you will find the following products:

All of the APIs and SDKs from each product in this sandbox are available to be used and played with. There are so many that you may be playing in this sandbox for days!

So what features are available in this sandbox? You can find:

  • Direct Transfer
  • Group Chat
  • Historical Reports for Supervisors
  • Wrap up reasons for Chat and Email
  • Recent state and call history for Finesse
  • Finesse workflows based on CSQs
  • and Many more!

Just like the UCCX 11.5 DevNet Sandbox, this sandbox is also preconfigured with agents, phones, scripts, etc.

So, reserve your UCCX 11.6 DevNet Sandbox today for FREE! And make sure to leave your comments in the UCCX EFT Sandbox forum.

Tell us what you think! Do you want to continue to see early releases? Please give us some feedback in the comments or in the UCCX EFT Sandbox forum.



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