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Sick and tired of trolls

The scenario is always the same:A no-previous-posts someone comes in with an opinionated believing about something. Often it is in the form of a question, to which only some answer will be accepted.When the plain truth is exposed to the person, even ...

Resolved! "social networking"

Can the lame link to facebook please be removed from netpro main page ?It has these pictures of people clearly not belonging to this industry, and not interested in it.It makes this site look like a soul matching one, is there some common sense left ...

CSC Helps Haiti Update

Gang,We are thrilled to announce we have reached our goal of 10,000 ratings!  The CSC team will now make a $10,000 donation to the American Red Cross Haiti fund in the name of the community.  This was for a great cause, and you should all be proud fo...

Resolved! Problem displaying posts

Dan / TimSeem to be having a problem that has cropped up yesterday and today.I have just posted a response into the thread about ratings in this forum and the respnse has had to start a 2nd page. Trouble is i can't see that response on the 2nd page, ...

Jon Marshall by VIP Community Legend
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Networkers 2010 in Vegas

Hi all,Any one from this forum going to Vegas this year?  It would be good to know, so we can meet and chat about CSC for few minutes or hours.Hey Dan,Are you going to have a booth display this year and give out T-Shirts?BTW, the site has been pretty...

Reza Sharifi by Hall of Fame Master
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Default ratings idea...

Dan,Has Netpro implemented any kind of default ratings after a certain period of inactivity? Expert Exchange does this when there's no activity, and I see a TON of people who put time into helping others, but they get nothing for it. Is this a possib...

New Idea

Dan,I think you are the man for this. What I was thinking is it would be nice if there was a check box within my profile that would suspend all e-mail notifications while I was on vacation and have my "out of office" notification on. This would stop ...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Resolved! “If there’s one thing you want to improve it’s your [support website] Search function.” -- Cisco Customer

Here’s your chance to help Cisco do it. We’re looking for a few good, willing minds to join the Search Advisory Board for Cisco Online Technical Support.Have Ideas for a Better Cisco Support Website?Apply to join the Search Advisory Board for Cisco O...

Resolved! Using tags in NetPro

Hi,Is there a "best practice" document for posting on NetPro? I have not been tagging my posts and I guess I should be.It would help if there was a brief guide to using tags and the best terms for certain products. For instance a discussion about Cal...

Netpro Subcategories

Hello,I think a Management Section under Unified Communicationes should be created.Also, that unde Unified Communications - Applications should be created instances for each applicationMany thanks for the opportunity

mcecilia by Beginner
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Resolved! NetPro Errors Using Google Chrome

Good Afternoon Everyone,I hope this is the right venue for this.Since the maintenance that was completed last week, I am seeing issues when trying to use the NetPro forums. If I attempt to login, I am giving a login prompt with the following message:...