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Consolidated search across CSC, Cisco Community Central and Cisco Leaning Network

As the title really.The Cisco Support Community, Cisco Community Central (www.mycisco and Cisco Learning network are all great resources but seem to be separate islands of knowledge.A search tool that could check for content on all thr...

RFC: Opening Service Requests from CSC

Some of you may have noticed we recently added the ability to open Service Requests from CSC discussion threads.  We did this to make sure that nothing on CSC languishes, and when the TAC is formally engaged, they have all of the context they need to...

Joe Clarke by Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
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Searching and exporting (own) posts

Hello everyone,I've been thinking about this for quite a time - I am not sure if this has already been discussed here so let's give it a try.What I would enjoy seeing on NetPro is a function toLook up all posts by a specific person, at least my ownEx...

Peter Paluch by Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
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Please read about rating posts

To All newcomers and regular visitors: Let talk ratings. As you may or may not know there is a rating system here at the Cisco Support Community and while this may seem trivial to some it is of great use to others. Now currently there a 5 levels (Sta...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Be able to see all posts in the topic on the 'respond to post page' when responding.

Cross posting from IdeaStream: often  click reply, and then when typing a repsonse, I want to refer to the  original post, or maybe another post later on...

Steven Holl by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! QSolved - what's that?

Hello everyone,Did anybody receive an unsolicited email from either stating that his/her account is ready and is waiting for final registration, or that his/her question was not answered in a reasonable time? I don't know much about the Q...

Peter Paluch by Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
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Appeal to change ratings....please

This is an appeal to Dan as I know if anyone can make this happen it is him  Recently which you may have seen is that someone rated an esteemed member a 1 for what was clearly very helpful information. This was clearly a snipe rating and almost cause...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Design Section

Dear,Cisco technologies and features getting more and more complex and its need to be well prepared and designed before implemented or start working as expectedi think if we have a design section that help people to discuss technical issues and ideas...

Sick and tired of trolls

The scenario is always the same:A no-previous-posts someone comes in with an opinionated believing about something. Often it is in the form of a question, to which only some answer will be accepted.When the plain truth is exposed to the person, even ...