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Callback API, Outbound Call Option

Malik Ehtasham

Hello Every one.
In Callback API, feature , I read that this feature is use to initiate a callback from customer. I have read a lot of document about this. Almost all things are pretty much clear to me except one thing. AgentRequest.PNG

5: The agent's phone places an outbound call

My Question is how agent phone places a call, i mean which medium will it use e.g

  • Outbound Dialer
  • Manually from Agent SoftPhone.
  • Automatic dial from Agent Softphone with some API
  • With the Help of CVP?
  • or any other media ?

It will great if someone can have an idea about this.
Any urgent response is highly appreciated.

Thanks $ Regards

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it seems like it is the VRU PIM which places the outbound call to the customer.



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Could you explain your scenario? Are you interested in placing a call?

Yes, if i implement a call back feature , how CC will place a outbound call to customer ? through CVP or Dialer


it seems like it is the VRU PIM which places the outbound call to the customer.



Can you provide info on how the VRU PIM is configured to make the outbound call?  This is the piece I am missing.  I get the callback into social miner but it is discarded when the agent goes ready.  Any docs would be greatly appreciated.

The call is actually placed via the agent's phone.  To get this call to work, I had to make sure that the SocialMiner routing client was added to the Agent Targeting rule.

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