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Callers must be prioritized and routed to specific agent for commission


Is there a way to program when a caller comes into the 800#;

Prioritize the call-in user that want to pay bills to give them the highest priority when calling in

Callers dial the agents extension, get passed to an auto attendant which would either take their payment for the caller or pass them to an queue or open line on that agents phone?

Agents only get paid on commission bases, so their clients cannot go another agent.

What is the most efficient way to do this in UCCX

Thanks in Advance for your recommendations

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Are you asking about prioritizing the call above other callers that call different number or prioritizing agents to handle the call ahead of other agents?


So All Callers dial the same number, if they want to pay their bills they get a higher priority, above callers that are just looking for information. Each Agent only handles calls from their client, because its the only way they can get commission.

Simply use Priority step to prioritize the calls over others.


Thanks Chris, I understand that but my biggest issue is

the call in users are assign to a specific agent and that agent get commission on the paying client.   The client can’t go to another agent because 1). The agent is assign to the client and 2). That agent would not get the commission.

How would we script this out?

Well, at what point do you make a decision that the call needs to go to specific agent (queue)? What are you basing this on? I.e. caller ID, dialed number, etc?

You need to make a decision at some point in order to direct the call to specific queue, and then the decision on who is part of that queue.  Skills based routing can help here, but if everyone calls the same number and presses the same key, how do you want a specific agent to receive the call over another if the idea is to balance it equally?



Exactly how you might imagine.

You need to find a way to determine what agent a specific caller is to be assigned.

If necessary, link that data to the appropriate agent resource.

You then need to queue that caller to that agent.

This is not terribly difficult to accomplish. It will however rely on you figuring out a way to accomplish the first task which is entirely dependent on your customers setup - we cannot help you here.

Tanner Ezell

Tanner Ezell

Tanner, Chris,

Thanks for your clarifications, I think I am headed in the right direction.

Will keep you posted!


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