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CCX 8.5 HA VOIP Monitor Subsystem Partial or OOS


I'm having an awesome one trying to figure out why the VOIP Monitor Subsystem is in Partial Service.

If I have the primary CCX server as the Master, then the primary shows Partial Service and the secondary shows Out of Service.

If I have the secondary CCX server as the Master, then the primary shows Out of Service, but the secondary shows In Service.

I have a Default VOIP Monitor service set to the primary. Not sure what else would throw VOIP Monitor Subsystem into partial.

Post more as I find it...

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Justin Brenton

Hi David,


This may assist.




Yeah, I stumbled across that one earlier in my search. About the only thing I haven't done is restart all of the Desktop services at the bottom of the page.

My log files are showing LDAP failures of all things. I'll start up a TAC case when I get a chance and post back the findings here for the next engineer.


I recently had similar problems (not quite the same; both services were up but appeared to have a million problems connecting to LDAP, chat, you name it).

Applied this patch : ciscouccx.851SU1RecMonFixes.cop.sgn and all was well.

It's on the 8.5(1)SU1 download page, and is different/newer than that ciscouccx.851SU1.cop.sgn referred to in the other post.



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You know, I looked at the release notes and didn't see anything related to LDAP on there (or email templates which is an unrelated issue I'm having), but my voice CCIE here recommended the patch also in that Calabrio probably had other errors the patch fixes that aren't listed in the notes.

My TAC engineer is reviewing the logs.

Man, those one-off .cop patches make me nervous...I'd love to know when Calabrio is going to role out SU2...

It appears the RecMon patch fixed the issue. I'll probably know for sure in the next week.

I asked TAC to have someone update the Release Notes on that patch so that it states that it fixes more issues than just the handful of bugs listed.

Good news :-)

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As an update, before going live we forced the primary to fail to make sure failover to secondary would occur. Once it did, it put the VOIP Monitor Subsystem on the secondary into OOS and even after the primary came back up, and after a reboot of the secondary, the subsystem is still OOS.

Working with TAC on it now. The only thing that's jumped out at us so far is that the primary is reporting on "show active version" that it is missing the 8.5su1 crit patch even though it was applied (it only shows the rec mon patch).

System is production now, so I get to wait until after hours before I can start poking at it...

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