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CCX Script Queue Loop Call Hold

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Level 1

I have a a simple script I put together where I cannot get the sound to work when an Agent places a caller on hold under the queue.  When the call comes in and lands in the queue the sound files work.  It just when the Agent picks up the call then places the caller on hold there is silence.  I added a prompt between the hold and unhold triggers, but still just silence when on hold. There is silence with or without the Call Hold and unhold in the script.  

Does anyone know what else I should be looking at?



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Once the call has been delivered to the agent, the hold music is under the control of CUCM, not CCX. The user hold audio source is selected based on the config of the phone/common device configuration. The MoH server is selected from the MRGL of the caller. The caller would be either the gateway where the call entered the network or the calling IP phone.

As @Elliot Dierksen wrote once the call is answered by an agent the script is out of the loop. In this case it’s like any other type of call, there is no difference in that the call has traversed via CCX. You should look at the MOH settings for the entities that are part of the call and make sure that this is setup correctly.

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