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Duplex side UCCX, version is 8.4Side A Public IP :; Private IP:  , It runs routerA,loggerA,PG1A,PG2ASide A Public IP :; Private IP:  , It runs routerB,loggerB,PG1B,PG2BPG2 connect to 2 CVP call server...

Hi We are having UCCX 9.0 with Premium license,can we configure Agent Greeting service in our call center with this version and license ?If can how can it be done ?If cannot what are the requirement which we need to have to enable this ? Thank you Th...

Hello, getting unable to parse expression: undefined field nested exception is java.lang.NoSuchFieldException:netI'm also sending soap request using java to get a reply. what is the recommended way to do it and get the values from the reply? 

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