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Configuring Callback Option - IPCC Express

Ehsan M.

When customers call in and all agents are busy, we'd like to give them an option to leave a call back number so a call can be automatically made to that number (while retaining their position in queue) as soon as an agent become available. I know this must be a very common scenario that many people probably have already deployed in their organization. I'm very novice in IPCC scripting and would like to know where should i start from? What are the requirements for that? We're running IPCC Express Premium 4.0(3) and Callmanager 4.1(3)

Any advise would be highly appreciated.



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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

ehsan225 wrote:

...while retaining their position in queue...

That's just not possible.  Well, technically, it is possible, but who wants to dequeue all the callers, just to re-queue them in a specific order, and mess up all the reporting?  Not me!  Anyway, it's safe to say, it's not practical.

ehsan225 wrote:

I know this must be a very common scenario that many people probably have already deployed in their organization.

Then have you tried searching for any discussions or examples on the topic?

EDIT: I guess I already posted a sample config to the forums a while back:

I thought keeping their position in the queue while waiting for the callback would be whole purpuse of this feature... whats wrong with that? If the caller knows their call will NOT be lost in the queue they will opt in for this service otherwise what's the point?

If you were presented with two options, which would you choose?

1. Waiting for a rep with your phone stuck to your face for 20 minutes.

2. Waiting for a rep while comfortably performing other tasks for 30 minutes.

I think there is a miss-communication here.I never said the caller should stay on the line until it gets a callback (why on earth someone would do that??!!). All I meant was the caller should (actually MUST) hang up and then get a call back maybe after 30 min or anytime as soon as an agent become available. The actual call should maintain its position in the queue throughout this entire process. The call flow are:

1) All agents in the contact center are busy and the call gets queued on the Cisco IP-

IVR. Caller listens to a prompt  - “All agents are busy assisting other customers.

Please hold and your call will be answered in the order received.”

2) The caller is given the option: “If you wish to leave a phone number for an agent

to call you back, please press 1”

3) The caller opts to leave a callback phone number.

4) The Cisco IP-IVR prompts the caller to enter the phone number he/she would like

to use for the call back.

5) The caller can also opt for a delayed call back.  The Cisco Media Blender

processes the callback delay value with an additional prompt and collect through

the Cisco IP-IVR – “Please enter the duration after which you would like to

receive a callback”. Caller enters 15 minutes, indicating the best time per his/her

schedule to speak with an agent. This value is POSTED to the Cisco Media

Blender and the call back is scheduled after 15 minutes.

6) The Cisco IP-IVR collects the phone number and callback time (if applicable) and

POSTS a URL request using Cisco IP-IVR step “OpenURL” to the Trailhead

Server indicating that this request is for a callback.

7) The Trailhead server forwards this request to the Cisco Media Blender, which will

place a phantom call in queue (if there are no agents available) as a placeholder

for the callback.

8) When an agent becomes available, the phantom call is routed to the agent and a

call is made via the agent’s second phone line to the caller’s callback number.

can i please get a copy of callback script


I have myself this dilemma, can or cannot be retain the position in the queue for the caller which selected the option to leave a Call Back number?

I found the following document which says clear that the caller (Phantom call) will be sent to the end of the queue (Indeed the document is from 2002 but, is the only official document/information I found regarding this topic).

Can anybody with more experience (or Cisco engineer) give us a clear answer? Yes or no?



Hi Christian

That's it I'm afraid - the way those scripts are designed the 'ghost' call that is queued starts at the back.

No real way I can think of to work around that. From a caller point of view they don't know if someone jumps the queue - that might happen anyway with priority routing, or statistically due to more agents being associated with another queue, so it's not too much of a problem for most customers.

It's also not very elegant.


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James Hawkins

Hi Eshan,

An example of a Callback script can be found at the link below

Download Advanced

James, Thanks for the post.

Unfortunetly I'm not able to open it in my CRS Editor Version: 4.0.3. It throws an error:

Is this compatible with my version of IPCC Express Premium 4.0(3)?

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