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CTI OS - 12.6


good morning


we are still using UCCE 10.5 and CTI OS for system integration, and was under the impression CTI OS was EOL from 11, but can see CTI OS is still available 12.6, can it still be used in 12.6 or is Finesse the only way for integration?



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I'm going by memory here, but CTIOS never was EOL it was just not going to be the primary desktop for CCE. Which turned out to be Finesse. CTIOS is still supported.



Sorry, im referencing the agent desktop announcement in 2015 -

There is no agent desktop application after 10.5?

Gerry O'Rourke
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Rising star

CTIOS is EOL and has been for a long time.

Replaced by Finesse / Finesse API.


100% cannot use CTIOS - except for a few rare type of integrations where using a TDM PG - e.g. when NOT using Cisco CUCM as the Agent PG.



Thanks, that was my understanding, but sure it was in the 12.6 release so
wasn't sure if the EOL notice had been superseeded

So I’m not getting it. So it’s not supported for general use, but it is supported in specific cases? So, it is supported then.


I am trying to make sense of it. Are you saying it’s only supported if it’s not UCCE, but just ICM?



The vast majority of all UCCE solutions would be using a CUCM PG and the CUCM as the phone system.

In this scenario - CTIOS or CAD could have been used as the Agent Desktop - but now neither are supported as they have been replaced by Finesse.


For some legacy type implementations with ICM and a TDM or System PG - you can continue to use CTIOS - but I would assume the number of actually customers using this are legacy and a very small number. 


So its EoL for UCCE <> CUCM .



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