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CUIC - Filter - Value (String) Conditions?

Good morning.  Our company is using Cisco 10.5 express.  I am trying to run a Call Custom Variables report in CUIC and modify the Value (String) section to not equal blanks.  Is it possible to use SQL or similar language in this field to achieve a not equals or similar result in this field? 

Attached is a print screen of the field I am referring to with one example of the logic I have tried:

Cisco Employee

Try using _% instead of %<>null% in Custom Variable 1 and that should filter out the blank lines in the report.




Should I put anything after the _% such as a null? The _% still pulled up blank columns. Thanks for your help!


Do not choose any other filter while running the report such as Application Name etc only date and _%




Thank you! This worked perfect. One more question. If I wanted to exclude a number, letter or symbol, where would I put that? 

Would this also work with an "Or" type statement?



Hi Deepak,

I have UCCX 11.6 with Co-Resident CUIC.

Running the Call Variables report : I would like the report to only show calls that have a value for callVariable5.

All the other variables for the calls can have any value or be null.

On the filter page I went to field Custom Variable 5 (@param17) thinking that would be where I would put the Value of  _%  that you suggested earlier in this post.  Result: showed all calls regardless if there was a value for callVariable5.

Next, tried the last field on the Filter page : Any Custom Variable(@param23)  and entered Value of  callVarible5_%

Result: showed no calls. 

I also did not have any other filters other than "last week" as the Date Range.


Appreciate any help to get this report so I don't have to export all to Excel and spend  a ton of time sorting & deleting lines of calls that do not apply for the variable we are trying to track.


Hi Deepak

just in case anyone is reading this post,  I got it figured out, well for the most part. Still have sorting between the values for the field and if the call was RONA it shows the call as many times as it RONA'd.


UCCX 11.6 with Co-Resident CUIC.

Issue:  Report to only show calls that have a value for callVariable5.

This Call Variable has 2 possible values, I first ran the report with 1 value, it still gave me all calls (both values and null value).

Then I put in both values with a comma  (True , False)  and now all calls for that week show up that has one of those values and none of the calls where there is no value (null).




Deepak brings up a good point, CUIC doesn't seem to allow compounding filters, like Application AND Custom Variable 1.  Thanks lleweyiss (+5) for your solution, I can confirm as well that it works on CUIC 11.6 Standard (co-resident).


The documentation says CUIC appends a wildcard before and after the string, in my testing %Value% is the same as Value and both return Value1 and Value2.  In lleweyiss' example you can also filter explicit strings with a comma, it looks like CUIC supports filtering multiple strings with a wildcard too.

Op%, Cl%





Setting the Enterprise Call Info string with a known suffix could also work for filtering, I guess it's all how your data is structured.  It would definitely be nice to filter on Application AND not null (_%).


Field Filters


  • For String, select an Operator from Equal To, Not Equal To, or Matches and then enter a value for the string; for example, Operator = Matches and Value = Team Green.

    • If you select Matches as the Operator, you must specify an SQL pattern to match the string field. The system appends the wild card character % automatically to the beginning and end of the string. You can also use any SQL wild card pattern in between the string.

    • If the filter field is associated with a Value List, then specify any value or move one, all, or some items in the list to the Selected column to filter. 

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