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CVP 11.5 Unable to override _dnis and _ani

Ryan Hilfers
Level 1
Level 1

Has anyone else had issues overriding the _dnis and _ani session variables in cvp 11.5?   We're prepping for upgrade from 10.5 to 11.5 and noticed that when we try to override "_dnis" or "_ani" in the ToExtVXML array variable, its not working. The ICM scripts are unchanged from cvp 10.5 to 11.5.

I see it is still mentioned in the 11.5 CVP User Guide that these variables can be overridden within the ToExtVXML array var.



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Rahul Kumar
Level 1
Level 1

Is the length of ToExtVXML var same in 11.5 as it is in 10.5

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Where and how you are modifying it ?

Ryan Hilfers
Level 1
Level 1

Thanks for chiming in.  The ecc variable user.microapp.ToExtVXML has the same Max length in both environments, with four elements in the array.

Its being modified in a set variable prior to the Run Ext.Script node. For ex, if I had a value in PV10 i wanted to override dnis with before going into an external application i would specify a set variable node with


That should come into the VXMLServer application with start,parameter,_dnis=<whatever PV10 had>

UPDATE: I have TAC looking into it, was more-so curious if others have this working or not in 11.5;  its working fine in 10.5

Hi Ryan,  I finally have my 11.5 system up and running. And I can concur that it doesn't work to override the  _ani and _dnis from the ICM script by assigning into user.microapp.ToExtVXML[2]  "_ani=1111;_dnis=2222".

Did TAC ever reply to you on this? Are they creating an ES or fixing it in 11.6?


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