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CVP license usage monitoring


Hi All,


I need one help on monitoring Cisco CVP license live usage.We have 15 CVP servers and customer wants to view the live license (Call & VXML server) usage for all the 15 servers from his local desktop/ remotely.  Of course the usage can be viewed by running status.bat and go to diag page, but in that way need to go server by server physically only. So is there any simple option/way to achieve this request.Also please confirm, this is possible to monitor via any 3rd party tool like SMARTS, APM. If yes, then whats the procedure to do it.


Note:- We have CVP server version 10.5 and 12.x

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one way to get the number of VXMLServer licenses in use is to perform this http request: http://vxmlserverIp:7000/CVP/Server?probe=true&activeCalls=true

Which returns: running;activeCalls=15;

So if you grab the value between = and ; then you'll have your answer.

Note that in CVP11.5+ Microapps also use a VXMLServer license

Thanks Jenis for the response, i tried the option and got the current call count handled in specific servers. This option helps a bit. But my customer expectation is to view the total port license and the current use out of that total, in the result for all the CVP servers. 

VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Aside from using Janine's suggestion below, does the customer not have access to CVP Ops console where this is displayed?

No they dont have the access to Ops Console...

You didn't say how soon you're looking for a solution, but keep in mind this changes with the requirements of CVP/VXML Smart licensing in the new version, as licenses are more wide and not server specific. Not a great answer I know, but in case it saves you a lot of effort trying to build something that you may not use.

Also (and this may be too basic), have you looked at the port usage report in CUIC for them?

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