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Email and SMS Setup On UCCE / PCCE


Hello Experts ,


Is there way we can do the EMAIL and SMS set-up on PCCE / UCCE platform , for E-Mail set-up i am aware we can use email element on IVR, like how we can use the for SMS ?  and EMAIL configuration how we can do in under LIB folder? can you please share any sample configuration please ?





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The short answer is yes, but you'll need to clarify a few things. For instance:

-Yes CVP can send emails, if you follow the steps in the Element Specifications guide on the Cisco site, you should be able to do this without much integration aside from getting the SMTP details of the email server.

-Or are you also referring to agents receiving/responding to emails? If that's the case, you want to look into the ECE application that's part of the CCE suite. I think you're talking about sending within CVP, though.


For SMS, you'll need to work with some type of SMS provider to connect to in order to send out the messages. As an example, you might have an SMS aggreagator/provider who lets you use a Cisco web services WSDL in CVP to send out messages.

There's no way you'll be able to send out SMS natively from CVP without working with a SMS telecom provider to my knowledge.

Hope this helps you.

Depending on your use case I recommend you don't do your SMS sending via the IVR. Generally it's best to have some 3rd party server that is told to send an SMS by passing things like who and what. Then this service will create the SMS and track delivery status, etc. Then the IVR can come back and check on status of its request to ensure the SMS was sent if needed. Because of the asynchronous nature of SMS and it's infrastructure it doesn't lend it self for any sort of back and forth.



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