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error while performing the operation. cisco unified CM database is down.

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UCCX Error: cisco unified CM database is down


I am getting intermittent error in uccx: error while performing the operation. cisco unified CM database is down.

does anyone have the same problem.?




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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Did you recently change your axl user account which is used to connect to the CM?

Maybe you didn't, but maybe someone else did. I would start by confirming the user on CM side is setup properly and re-type the password (or just give it a new one). Make sure it has the Standard AXL API Access role.

Then go into UCCX and re-type the same password in there.

Thanks Anthony, Let me try and I will get back to you.


Sean Lynch
Level 7
Level 7

...there aren't many details to go off of here--but try checking your Control Center - Network Service status' under Navigation Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability, to see if your Master and Subscriber services are the same for each of your CCX Service Engine, CCX Database servers and such on each server.  You may have one server in your cluster trying to run as the application master server and the other as the database master...

If it is, that could be the reason you are seeing this error.  Might be time for a full services refresh via a cluster (Pub then Sub) server restart.


Hi Sean,


I installed HA UCCX server last month, but this issue occurring even before intermittently. 

During this issue, agents can not login to the finesses and we can not make any change in UCCX. It takes few minutes and then issue resolve by its own.




I didn't see you wrote intermittently before, and therefore, I don't think it will be your axl account. It sound more like a network issue, or platform issue (e.g., high cpu, low ram, low disk, etc.)

Thanks Anthony, I have opened cisco TAC ticket for further investigation.


Did you have any solution? The same problem was presented to me.. You would help me tell us if you solved the problem

thank you



What’s your CCX deployment and version?

This is usually caused by a connectivity error between CUCM and UCCX or dns resolution problems.


Please let me know 





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