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Extract email using SocialMiner API

Level 4
Level 4

Hi all,

We have an in house CRM and planning to make use of email routing and assignment by UCCX-SocialMiner. Instead of displaying the email to the agents in the default Finesse email gadget, we are planning to display the email directly in our web based CRM.

1. UCCX-SocialMiner -> will still continue to alias with MS Exchange/Gmail/O365 to extract the email and perform email assignment

2. 3rd party CRM -> make use of SocialMiner API to extract the email out and display it inside CRM

Is the API already able to support this?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi JT,

Yes, this is possible. There are APIs to do this.

Do you already have a way to get the email contact details (email social contact Ref URL / ID etc.) at your CRM system?

If you have that, then you need to use the Email Reply APIs to load email body / attachments, send reply etc. from your client.

Refer Chapter 13 (Email Reply) in Cisco SocialMiner Developer Guide.

Feel free to reach out if you need more info.


Nagendra U M

Hi Nagendra,

The idea is for the CRM to call the Email Reply API "to pull" the email out from the mailbox.

1. Customer sends email to

2. UCCX-SocialMiner downloads the email and assign it to a CSQ

3. CRM calls the API and pull the email our from mailbox/CSQ in FIFO mode

4. Display & reply email from CRM

What would the minimum input parameter for this request? From CRM perspective, they will know about and not specific customer who sent the email.



Hi JT,

Thanks for explaining your use-case.

Does your CRM system wait for CCX to "route" this queued email contact (from the email CSQ) and "assign" it to a particular agent? Or, does it not wait / depend on CCX routing and contact association to a specific agent at all?

Email Reply APIs operate on email contacts. You need to have:

  1. email contact ID
  2. a way to authorize the email reply APIs - this could be the contact access token (present in the contact assignment notification from CCX to the finesse agent desktop), or it could be SocialMiner administrator credentials (HTTP basic auth).

If you want to get the contact ID for a specific email contact, you can use the Search API in SocialMiner to search for a specific email contact by attributes such as author (sender email ID), title (subject of email), published time etc.

Refer section "GET (Search)" under Chapter 29 (Social Contact) in Cisco SocialMiner Developer Guide.

Once you get the email contact ID, you can use the Email Reply APIs from your client to load the email body. There are separate API requests for loading email body and each individual attachment.

As I mentioned above, your client also needs to be able to authorize these API requests.


Nagendra U M