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Extract specific Data from UCCE

I have a project that uses UCCE and the service is hosted by a 3rd party vendor which is a shared platform which is also used by other customers. We have requested access to pull our historical data from CUIC to an external SQL server to upload into Tableau but they have denied this request because we would also be pulling the other customers data.  Is it possible in CUIC/UCCE to only pull the historical data associated with our agents/queues?

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Yes, absolutely


Hi Omar,

Can you please provide any instructions or steps on how this can be done.  I am fighting with the vendor who keeps telling me this is not possible....Thanks


This may be a basic suggestion, but what I would do is run a couple example reports of the data you likely want (say agent or call type for instance) in CUIC.

You can then get the SQL statement in CUIC and adjust it and provide it to the vendor to show an example of that's the data that you'd want to retrieve and demonstrate how it is only your customer and not theirs.

Basically, demonstrate what you need and then you can show how you'd get it if you were running it in SQL natively. Once you can demonstrate SQL statements that select only your data, I can't imagine how they'd deny you setting up something that pulls that on an ongoing basis.


@henrick16, CUIC is not the best tool to do such operations and has some limitations that can not be bypassed - like a number of rows in a single report. If you would like to transfer the specific data to a flat file (that may be imported to your database) I would use the MsSQL BCP (Link)  which should run queries against AWDB/HDS datasets. BCP uses SQL Queries as a mechanism to select data that needs to be transferred to a file - you may use the queries from CUIC (which limit the data scope). The only question is - if your vendor will allow you to use such tool.

Another option would be to use the Database ETL tool that would be responsible for direct data transfer between source UCCE DB and your external SQL. ETL not only transfers the data but allows you to perform data modification.

Which options to select - it depends on how would you like to use this data (ex. do you need raw data?).

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Thanks for the information and are you saying that with your proposed solutions we can still select only our historical data regardless if we are in a shared environment with other customers?





Here is a sample bcp with the select option:

bcp "SELECT * from Application.People WHERE FullName = 'Amy Trefl'" queryout D:\BCP\Amy_Trefl_c.bcp -d WideWorldImporters -c -T

If you properly add WHERE conditions (ex. add a valid Department) then you can only push the data that will be specific for you. To find more, please look under the link I've previously shared. 

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