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Finesse 12.5 new install, showing out of service when opening finesse desktop



I have installed finesse 12.5 and configured the CTI settings and restarted the server. When i try to open finesse desktop i get out of service. I see the below errors in the logs. Any idea what could be causing the issue.


Since this is a lab environment we have another finesse 11.5 connected to the same PG/PG Will it cause the below error ? can we connect two finesse server to same pg ? 



CTI logs from UCCE
05:27:35:043 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: CTIApplication::OpenValidClient - ARM open failed, status = 35 - 24596 (Finesse) REJECTED
05:27:35:043 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: *** Destroyed ClientCB 24596 Finesse
05:27:35:904 cg1A-ctisvr Session 24597: Opening from client Finesse at (
05:27:35:904 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: *** Created ClientCB 24597 Finesse
05:27:35:904 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: CTIApplication::ProcessOpenRequest - sessionID 24597 from Finesse at (, version 20
05:27:35:904 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: SendARMMsg -- InvokeID = 788900113, ApplicationPathID = 5000

05:27:35:905 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: ProcessARMAppPathUpRespMsg -- InvokeID = 788900113, Status = 35, ApplicationPathID = 5000
AppPathMemberList = appPathMember count = 0

Finesse Error Desktop webservice logs


0000000303: Apr 23 2020 03:04:30.159 -0500: %[reason_string=subsystems not ready]: Server State is NOT_READY. ; This is caused by some other condition which caused the server to be unable to continue processing. Check the rest of the log for other associated errors.
0000000059: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.028 -0500: %CCBU_FINESSE-STATE-CHANGE-THREAD-4-CTI_CONNECTION_RETRYING: %[Host=][port=42067]: System is trying to connect to CTI server ; Please wait as the system retries
0000000062: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.203 -0500: %CCBU_SM-INVENTORY-POLLER-0-3-SOCIALMINER_INVENTORY_CONFIG: %[message_string=SocialMinerMachineInventoryConfig.getInventoryDetailsFromDB(): Query returned no results]: SocialMinerInventoryConfig cache loading
0000000080: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.287 -0500: %CCBU_Reader-3-INTERNAL_ADAPTER_ERROR: %[ERROR_DESCRIPTION=***************Socket Error while reading Message from CTI Reader ***************null][]: Generic Internal Adapter Error
0000000082: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.287 -0500: %CCBU_FINESSE-STATE-CHANGE-THREAD-3-startCTIWriter-handleBeanFailure Failure Conf: Received Msg=CTIFailureConf [ invokeID=4, cti_sequence_id=4, msgID=1, msgName=FailureConf, deploymentType=CCE, status=88,text=null]
0000000083: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.289 -0500: %CCBU_Reader-3-EXCEPTION_INFO: %[build_date=Dec 31, 1969 7:00 PM][build_type=rel][
][product_name=Unknown product][subsystem_exception_info=][tid=Reader][version_number=Unknown product_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1]: Information associated with the following logged exception
0000000088: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.290 -0500: %CCBU_pool-127-thread-1-3-CTI_OPEN_FAILURE: %[ERROR_DESCRIPTION=Open Req returned failure][error_code=88][error_message=null]: CTI Server rejected open request ; There is a configuration mismatch between this server and the CTI server
0000000104: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.513 -0500: %CCBU_FINESSE-STATE-CHANGE-THREAD-3-CTI_CONNECTION_RETRIES_EXCEEDED: %[Host=][port=42067]: System has failed to connect to CTI server in the allowed number of retries. ; Please check the network connection, and check whether the CTI server is online
0000000105: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.514 -0500: %CCBU_FINESSE-STATE-CHANGE-THREAD-3-CTI_CONNECTION_FAILOVER: %[CTI_SERVER=CTIConnectionParams[host:, port:45027, serverType: BACKUPCTI_SERVER_TYPE, CTI version:23][count=0]: System is failing over to alternate CTI server
0000000110: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.515 -0500: %CCBU_FINESSE-STATE-CHANGE-THREAD-3-CTI_SOCKET_ERROR: %[Host=][ Connection refused (Connection refused)][port=45027]: System has encountered an error connnecting to the CTI server
0000000111: Apr 23 2020 03:04:42.515 -0500: %CCBU_FINESSE-STATE-CHANGE-THREAD-3-EXCEPTION_INFO: %[build_date=Dec 31, 1969 7:00 PM][build_type=rel][ Connection refused (Connection refused)


Please let me know how to fix the issue, any suggestions / ideas are welcome



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Per documentation ( A single Agent PG supports one instance of a Cisco Finesse cluster, consisting of two servers, a publisher and subscriber. Multiple Finesse clusters cannot communicate with the same Agent PG/CTI Server.


That is most likely the reason for your error. Rather than installing a separate CCE system for the 12.5 Finesse, you might be able to shut down one of the Finesse instances and have one active at a time.





Hi Karthik,


Did you find the cause of the issue by any chance.


I have a similar issue. Did a Fresh install of Finesse 12.5. The Cfadmin page loads good and I am able to successfully connect to AWDB. The problem is only with the Finesse desktop page. Attached the screenshot for your reference. would appreciate any suggestions.




Hi Mohan,


I suggest that you use the SystemInfo API to see why Finesse is out of service. Take a look at the status reason.




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