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Finesse agent count on each server

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Level 1

I need to view active Finesse user distribution amount between main and backup UCCX servers.

Is there any way to get this info (sql query or other)?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Are you having your agents manually login to the secondary server. The HA setup runs as Active / Passive, or a hot standby. So if a user tries to login to the secondary, they should be redirected to the Master. So in a normal operating mode, all agents should only be logged into the master server.

I can login direct to secondary and I will not be redirected to primary. Our agents login to secondary sometimes as well.

Are you sure there is backward redirection?

This changed in UCCX 11.6(1)

Finesse Failover Enhancements
Finesse Desktop can failover independent of the Unified CCX engine mastership status.  This will also enable agents to login to either of the Unified CCX server irrespective of engine mastership status.


Source: UCCX 11.6(1) Release Notes

So if agents can login to both servers independently, my initial question remains actual. How to get agents quantity on each of them?

Sorry, I don't know. I looked around a bit for a way, but I didn't find anything. I tried the admin api for agentstats, but that's cluster-wide and not per server. I tried the command show open ports but the counts never lined up perfectly. I didn't see a finesse api to give it up either. I hope you find the answer though, because I want to know how to do this too. Good luck!

Enter the below finess url for each node, it shows the number of agents logged in on respective node.

https://<uccx server name/IP>:8445/finesse/api/RuntimeConfiginfo

Alternately execute below command on uccx cli  

utils finesse node_statisticslist

Note: Running above command frequently affect the system performance.

12.6 Finesse has a Connected Agents gadget built in (at least the CCE version does, I assume the UCCX one would as well but don't have first hand experience with it).