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Finesse filterId's for CUIC report

There are a number of stock live data reports that are configured on Finesse Admin Desktop settings for the Agent.


An Example of which is the following Live Data Report:



This shows the stats of the all of the agents of the team, that the logged in Finesse Agent is a member of.

It does this by using the filter: 

i.e. it uses a filter "CL%20teamName"


I want to be able to run the same report for just that single logged in agent.

The reason is that the report can show which skill the agent is reserved for and for outbound calls this is useful.

As the agent can be reserved for some time before getting the call and they can use this time to prep - but they need to know which call that the call might be for.


It IS possible for do this by statically setting the filter ID to be the Agent's AgentSkillTargetID

So the below report will indeed only show one specific agent Live Data Report




e.g. where "5030" is the Agent's SkillTarget ID.


However I would like to know if there is a variable Name where this could be set dynamically.

i.e. instead of statically setting "5030" - it sets it to the current logged in agent ID

Note - this agent ID that the CUIC Live Data report uses is the Agent's SkillTargetID.


It is NOT the Agent's Peripheral ID, which is the ID that the Finesse JS API returns for the agent.

using the API call "user.getId()"


I am sure technically it would be possible to create a custom gadget which would use a SQL query on the AW database and using the Finesse Agent ID (Peripheral ID) you could retrieve the agent's Skill Target ID and then run the report.

But I wonder if there are some of these variables available out of the box - but not documented?


e.g. like "CL%20teamName"


In Summary - is there a undocumented agent ID parameter which you could use in CUIC to dynamically set the the Agent ID?



Cisco Employee



I don't think this is going to help, but I am going to still put it out there just in case it can lead you down the right path?


I always struggle to customize the live data gadgets, but I was told by the CUIC team that you should build the report in CUIC and look at the url of that report and use those filters to modify the live data gadget. It is somewhat documented under "Modify Live Data Stock Reports for Finesse" here:


On the Finesse side, all it knows is the agent's peripheral Id. It doesn't know the agent's AgentSkillTargetId that you are looking for.





Hi Dekwan

i have same question i want to show call statistics to only logged in agent on finesse, i have configured 3rdpartygadget to show agent inbound and outbound call on finesse. now issue is showing all agent data to all agents, i want to filter it so that only Agent A can see his own data in is the permalink i am using in gadget:

https://IP Address/cuicui/permalink/?viewId=372443251000016500000RT153EBFDEF&amp;filterId=ResourceIAQStats.resourceId=loginId&amp;linkType=htmlType&amp;viewType=Grid&amp;"/>






I don't actually have a solution. You will have to figure out how to configure the report the way you want it via the CUIC UI first, then get the filters from there. Looking at the Finesse agent desktop's desktop layout, I see that there is a filer with "". Maybe that will help?






i tried but it does not display any data only i can see columns of the report. in CUIC UI i can filter it but i want to show this report to agent whose logged in , for example agent A should see his own Call statistics in gadget and Agent B should see only his own Call statistics. 


Hey Gerry - wondering if you ever found an answer to this:  In Summary - is there a undocumented agent ID parameter which you could use in CUIC to dynamically set the the Agent ID?


Not that I know of. I don't think it is available today.



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