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PCCE 12.6(1) Inventory Error during configuration

Kyle Sullivan

I'm trying to get PCCE 12.6(1) running in my lab. I've been stuck for 4 days with Inventory file errors trying to configure in Simplex lab mode. I found one post regarding Certificate exchanges however all the Pre, Post and installation documentation/ videos I've watched haven't mentioned any thing about certificates at this point. I have copied the configuration error log:


Error occurred
Unable to create the inventory. Fix the errors below before continuing.
2023-05-08T11:31:40-04:00 - Job created
2023-05-08T11:31:40-04:00 - Job started
2023-05-08T11:31:40-04:00 - Processing line 1: Header
2023-05-08T11:31:40-04:00 - Processing line 2: operation=CREATE, name=pcce-rgr-a, machineType=CCE_ROGGER, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:40-04:00 - Processing line 3: operation=CREATE, name=pcce-aw-a, machineType=CCE_AW, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=type=DIAGNOSTIC_PORTAL&********, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:40-04:00 - Processing line 4: operation=CREATE, name=pcce-pg1-a, machineType=CCE_PG, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Processing line 5: operation=CREATE, name=pcce-cvp-a, machineType=CVP, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=type=CVP_WSM&********, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Processing line 6: operation=CREATE, name=hq-ucm125pub, machineType=CM_PUBLISHER, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=type=AXL&userName=pcce-pg1&password=********, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Processing line 7: operation=CREATE, name=pcce-cuic-a, machineType=CUIC_PUBLISHER, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=type=DIAGNOSTIC_PORTAL&userName=pcceadmin&password=********; type=IDS&userName=pcceadmin&password=********, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Processing line 8: operation=CREATE, name=pcce-fin-a, machineType=FINESSE, publicAddress=, publicAddressServices=type=DIAGNOSTIC_PORTAL&userName=pcceadmin&password=********, privateAddress=
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Error processing line 5: Unable to connect to the requested resource:
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Error processing line 6: Cannot connect to the AXL service.
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Error processing line 7: Can't connect to CUIC Diagnostic Portal Service, Unable to connect to the requested resource:
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - Job failed due to errors
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - 7 lines processed, 0 succeeded, 3 failed
2023-05-08T11:31:41-04:00 - No objects were created or updated


Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I got the exact same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

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