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Hi all,I'm trying to generate an OAuth token following this repository on GitHub: the sample shows, I created a .env file with my own app's ID. The logs obtai...

Karivas by Beginner
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Hi,1. I want to make sure that it is possible to screen pop SAP CRM form with variables from finesse and present the queried data accirding to the variables.2. Is it possible to do so using iframe?3. Will the poped up SAP CRM work in its native way ,...

Has anyone that uses vanity URL's to access Finesse via a load balance (F5) with a Health Monitor found that what was working with Finesse 12.0 is not working with Finesse 12.6?  Our Health Monitor is built on the /api/SystemInfo search with a return...

jwilson by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Hello, We are trying to integrate UniMRCP 1.7.0 ASR and TTS engines with PCCE 12.6 (VVB version Note: Integration works with Standalone CVP and VVB (ver 12.5) in Lab. While the TTS engine is successfully integrated, ASR is not succe...

gtunugunta_0-1691997120132.png gtunugunta_1-1691997146561.png

I have a VXML file hosted as a plain file on IIS. The file contains the VXML that I want UCCX to fetch and then send to the VVB for interpretation. Which step element in CCX Editor do I use to send VXML to the VVB? Is this even possible?Maybe it's mu...

Quigath by Spotlight
  • 2 replies
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I'm trying to write an application that uses the CTI Protocol as described here:!cti-protocol-overview/what-is-unified-ccx-cti-protocolIs this available in PCCE or only in UCCX? If so, how can...

varunr by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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