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Redirect a call out of the queue to a different number if no agents

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I am a complete newbie at UCCX scripting and I can not get this script to work the way I want it to. I'm essentially just trying to have incoming callers hit the queue, if no one is logged into Finesse and ready, then have them redirected to a DN. I've attached pictures and I would greatly appreciate any help someone can provide. Currently all calls are being redirected regardless of if anyone is ready in the queue. 





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I think the issue is that your CSQ variable is set to nothing "". You need to put a CSQ name in there. That's why AgentsLoggedIn is always zero.


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If you will redirect the call if no agents are ready, you can use the "Ready Resource" instead of logged in


and then your if steatement after



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Thanks, Thomas G. J.

I think the issue is that your CSQ variable is set to nothing "". You need to put a CSQ name in there. That's why AgentsLoggedIn is always zero.


As that variable is defined as a parameter I will venture on a guess that the OP would set it on the application page in CCX admin. If not your absolutely correct, without a name for the CSQ the value would always be zero.

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I believe this was the issue and seems to have fixed my first problem. Its actually introduced a second issue now though. I also want it to redirect if no one in the queue answers the call. I'm not exactly sure on how to do this now though. 

You will have to put an if check inside the Queued branch in your script, add a label to the redirect section of your script.. Then dequeue the call and send your call to the redirect section.



Would something like this work?


My apologies for being so uninformed. I greatly appreciate your help!

Yes, it looks correct. Does it work?


It does not. I have one user signed and ready on the queue and it just continues to ring them. 

Well yeah because the agent is ready. Or can you explain what you're expecting to happen?


I'm sorry, I probably didn't word my attentions correctly. What I'm attempting to do, is have the queue as the first stop for calls, assuming that someone is marked as ready. If there is not anyone ready redirect to a DN (This part appears to work). What I would also like to do is if my ready agents in the queue do not answer the call it will then roll to the DN as well. Hopefully that makes sense. 

Let's back up a bit. If no agent is ready, the call re-routes correctly, right? When an agent is ready and they do not answer the call (RONA), the agent should be set to not ready and then the call should go to the queued branch. If that's not happening, what is happening?


So, I guess I was misunderstanding how the agent ready status worked. If their is only one agent that is ready, and they are on a call then it does redirect as intended. If that agent does not answer the call it just rings and rings and never sets that agent as not ready. I'm assuming that means I do not have RONA setup then correct? I inherited the current system without setting up most of it so I'm unsure of what is and isn't configured. 

If someone how the agent would be set as not ready when they did not answer, I think that would completely solve my issue. 


If you want to put in "not ready "state an agent that misses a call, go to System -->  System Parameters and put "Agent State after Ring No Answer" to "Not Ready"


Please let us know





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That did it. Thank you so much for your help!

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