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Team,We are running UCCE 12.5.1 with ECE 12.5, we keep getting this Email Subject alert often Workflow could not create email through the Auto-acknowledgement node Here is the content of the alert email:Error: The workflow could not create the email ...

Hi, I would like to know if its possible to export an email in Cisco ECE and save it locally on a disk? Our requirement is to export the complete customer email as-is and attach it to SAP application for another dept. to approve/verify it. If this ...

Hey everyone, I have a customer who is testing ECE 11.6, email only.  They are asking if it is possible to historically search through emails (From address, customer contact, name...etc.)  The only place I have seen anything close to this is in the E...

Has anyone used Zoom call recording for CCX 10.X (10.6)? I am trying to find out if this integrates smoothly with CCX and also if i can use the call recording gadget to give the agents and supervisors the on-demand recording feature. Also, in the cas...

Hi i have cisco uccx. It has been moved to different location and i want to udpate its timezone settings accordingly.i have found few forums posts where it says that doing so will invalidate the licensees and have to seek cisco help in generating new...

Wonxie by Level 1
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Is there a way to have an audible announcement when the agent completes a call to remind them to enter the wrap up code?  Automatic wrap up is enabled but they want the audible reminder.  A screen pop that is more obvious would also work.UCCX 12.5