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UCCE- AWDB data retension

hari chandran
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We are having 8.0.3 ucce set up for both production and lab environment, can someone help on my below query:


How to check the data retension period in AWDB?

Issue faced:

In production AWDB/HDS i can able to query any calls last month , last year even more older than that.

In lab AWDB/HDS when i query RCD,TCD, Event detail etc any tabels , am getting data for only last 20 -30 days.


Is this is an issue or the DB setted up like that as it is lab?

Please let me know where can i check the retension period of the data which presents in the DB?


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Omar Deen

You can do it in the registry

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\<your_instance_name>\Distributor\RealTimeDistributor\CurrentVersion\Recovery\CurrentVersion\Purge\Retain

Under the Retain key, you'll find several others. Each DWORD value will be titled as "Days" and the decimal value is the number of days of retention. 

Do not ever change the values under the System key unless TAC tells you so

Thank you both for your help, 


@ Hockey, 

I don't see any windows logs in EV for SQL data purge. and i have right clicked the HDS and checked on both lab and Produ, please see below:

In lab (Lab is the problem)- Initial size was set to 10000MB for data and 500MB for log

In Prod (Just to compare)- Initial size was set to 20000MB for data and 1000MB for log

from above size am sure something difference is there between Lab and Prod but trying to exact retention period .



I have checked in the above reg path on my machine it shows DWORD as 0x00000447(1095). Which means the retention period is for 447 days?

A doubt raised on this, i also checked in prod and its same for DWORD as 0x00000447(1095). If its 447 days then my prod DB should not show the data older than that, but my prod awdb pulls the data which is 2 years olders and even older.

Please help


how many DB's show up in SQL management studio.  For example, in our environment we have a database called awdb and a database called sideA_hds.  When you run your query do you have the proper DB selected?  Just a thought and throwing out a guess.  Based on what you provided above the DB seems to be set up with plenty of space. 

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Check your windows event logs for SQL warnings and see if the database is purging.  once the database reaches 80% it will purge data until you fall below the 80% capacity.


Also, right click your HDS database and select properties then select file.  You should see what the size of your is as well as what the initial size was set to.