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UCCE courtesy callback - Calling number prefix



I have configured courtesy callback on UCCE 12, and i am facing the below problem:


callback gets offered to the caller, but when the CVP attempts to call him back, it sends the call to our CUBE, but the PSTN provider is refusing the call as the courtesy callback is send without a phone Number mask.


Is there anyway to add a prefix digits the same way we add the campaign prefix digits ?


otherwise what can i do to resolve this issue??


Kind regards,

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Yes, that is the calling party number the gateway includes in the signalling when the callback is made.

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VIP Advocate

This doesn't make sense to me, can you go into a little more detail?

For instance, do you make regular agent-based outbound calls through this CUBE?

So if an agent manually calls 2125551234 and it goes out the CUBE, you're saying that if someone tries to do a Courtesy Callback call from that same CUBE to 2125551234, it is rejected by the carrier?

Hi Bill,


Usually, when an agent phone calls out the CUBE, a well known phone number mask for the agent is sent ( as request by the provider), and if this specific mask is not sent the call got refused by the provider.


i can of CCB, we cannot append a mask as the call is initiated by the CVP.


Hope things are clear now


and thank you for your response


Kind regards,

So why not apply that mask to all calls made via the CUBE (sorry if I'm not following)?

So agent calls are dial peer with 91whatever for instance.

CCB calls are dial peer 1whatever so you apply whatever mask is needed for those.

If you can use one mask for all calls and one dial peer, even simpler.

Hi Bill,

We can apply a mask for calls coming from CUCM, but for calls coming from CVP with no ANI cannot be translated as ANI is not there. And in CCB configuration there is no way to add a prefix.


Donno if you're getting my concern when it comes to CCB calls initiated CVP.


thank you for your cooperation

Aren't you configuring the required calling party number for the callback in the Set Queue Defaults script element?  Or, are you saying it's not giving you the desired results? 

Hi ptindall,


So you are saying that the calling party number in Set Queue Defaults element is the number that is going to be shown for the PSTN SP when the call back is going to be dialed?


Kind regards,

Yes, that is the calling party number the gateway includes in the signalling when the callback is made.

Thank you ptindall , that was the solution.

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