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UCCE : usage of CIPC vs Hard phone in contact center

Manjunath G

Here , to get some clarity to see the difference in usage of CIPC as instead of the hard phones.

We thought of going CIPC as minimal cost. Does it still provide the same functionality as like hard phone. Is their drawbacks with CIPC?

I had gone though below link, wasnt clear.


=> Also , iam unable to get the silent monitor working with CIPC  (v8.6)/Finesse 10.x on UCCE 10.0.1 , though i have BIB enabled in CUCM clusterwide.

i get error "Silent monitoring operation failed: Line not in search space. Please check your CCM version 

However , i have proper CSS, partition assigned to CIPC.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Cheers , MG

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VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

There really are not differences, the only thing which might come up is that your desktop speakers are now tied up to your phone and you can't listen to the radio online. :)


Now as for your error, it should work. Check the CSS/partition the agent's phone, your line and the supervisors phone/line.



Thank you chris , David for the clarification. My silent monitoring issue still persist . i have verified the css/partition , its intact. Not sure , how to proceed. ..... . MG

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Couple of items:

With CIPC you are using soft phone so QoS and security need to be considered, depending on Windows version you are running it might be difficult to provide any QoS if that is important to you

Another important consideration is that CIPC is based on generation 1 7970 phone models and hence cannot provide many of the features introduced in later models, one if which is BiB.

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