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UCCX 12.5 Calendar overnight



The CSQ is open Monday to Friday from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. The schedule programmed in the UCCX  is:

time range 1: 4hpm to 11:59 pm (because I can not set 12h am) and time range 2: 12h am to 8ham.
The customer hears the closing message for 1 minute, i.e. from 11:59 pm to midnight. Is there a solution to correct this situation.

Note: saturday, sunday and holidays: it's open 24 hours 


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You can modify your script to check if it's >23:59 and <00:01 and do something else.


Dmytro Benda

Hi @mcossette ,

If I understood correctly your task, your CSQ is open Mo-Fr from 4 am to 8 am only, right? It means that all other time of day (from 8 am to 4 am) the CSQ is closed and the script should play non-working hours (closed) message.

If my vision is true then I guess you can do it easier. Use Time of Day step in your script and add there just one time period from 4 am to 8 am. Assign the name to this period, for example, 4 to 8. Then in this step you will have 2 connections (branches): 4 to 8 and The Rest.

In 4 to 8 branch, which is for your open hours, you can do your CSQ logic (Select Resource step and so on). And in The Rest branch you can play your Closed message with a Play Prompt step. 

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Biggest issue here is that you’re not using the calendaring feature and any changes require script updates. Yes, it will work, but not ideal. None of the solutions offered really are ideal to be honest. Would be nice if Cisco updated how calendars worked to allow this overlap.


Hi Dmytro,

the CSQ is open Mo-Fr from 4 pm (not am) to 8 am



Hi @mcossette

In the first message you wrote this:


That's why I offered the solution from 4am to 8am. 

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Anyway, you can create a time period for 4 pm - 12am as well. Here is the screenshot from UCCX Script Editor 12.0:



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Hi David,

i am agree with you. This is a nice feature into uccx admin but if we have to manage the script for this, it's not the best. 




If you don’t want to update your script and are open to using a 3:rd party add-on you can use a product called ccTimer. It’s a web service that CCX queries for service open hours. We have been using it for a number of years and it lets our service supervisors manage their own service hours. For more information please visit this website.

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