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Looking for feasibility to integrate Whatsapp and Facebook messenger chat with UCCX contact center setup. Chat distribution to available agent. Is this feasible, Please help with any reference documents if available, there is no mention in the CISCO ...

SINAN by Beginner
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I am trying to have a prompt that will accept a string value of 4 digits and then take that string and  convert those digits to a time value.  Assuming 24 hour time format.  Then take that time and compare to the current time to decide a Time of Day ...

Hi all Our customer want to install Splunk universal forwarder version 9.0.2 Purpose : Monitioring System version UCCE 11.0IP-IVR 11.0CUCM 10.5 Installation is not confirmed yet but i think high probability of installation. So I am looking for it in ...

We have many employees that experience a disconnect failure error in Cisco Finesse intermittently during their shift. What we were asked is to ensure no other video or audio software is used. Our employees use Microsoft Teams for all communications a...

Hi All I have a CUCM (12.5(1)SU2) running in Mix mode however my developer colleague could not connect to the JTAPI account from his app, gets the error JTAPI error "Unable to create provider -- user connected on an invalid port". I have used the ver...

Hi, we have CUIC 12.5(1) and we would like extract from the database the default filter of the reports. From the table cuicreport we get the value of the column defaultfilterid but we don't find the table where is define the value of defaultfilterid....

CoDeC by Beginner
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Hello team! I would like to disable Re-Invite on my CUBE, but i don`t want to do it globaly. I want to do it on dial-peer, i wrote the command "voice-class sip midcall-signaling block" on dial-peer, but Re-Invite are still sent. Maybe I made a mistak...

Hello Experts,I have a working Callback script but the only issue is that when a caller calls in and waits for let's say 5 minutes and then decides to chose the callback option, those 5 minutes are being lost.Is this how it is supposed to work? If so...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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