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uccx 8.5 multiline non-ACD calls & historical reports


From Desktop Administrator: Settings: Services Configuration > Multiline, Monitoring & Recording > Display Settings

There's an option View Multiline Calls - Display non-ACD calls.

If I have the following scenario:

  • Agents configured with a 2 line solution (Line 1: IVR, Line 2: Personal Line)
  • Display non-ACD calls checked.
  • CAD in Ready state.

If the agent makes or receives a call on the 2nd line, are the calls recording as a non-ACD in the Historical Reporting Tool?

Regards, Michael

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Michael Turnbow
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Michael,

I'm not sure if I understand the question but I'll give it a shot.  The setting you are referring to is shown here in this document on page 158:

What this does when checked is allow the CAD to control the non-ACD line as well as the ACD line.  The document states if the box is checked:

Select this check box to enable the display of

non-ACD calls.

If you enable the display of non-ACD calls, then

both ACD and non-ACD calls appear in and can

be controlled through Agent Desktop and

CAD-BE. With multi-line settings enabled, an

agent’s phone supports one ACD line and up to

three non-ACD lines.

Agents and supervisors can perform all general

operations with the non-ACD calls (for example,

answering, transferring, and conferencing).

By default, non-ACD calls are not displayed.

NOTE:  The Display Non-ACD Calls check

box must be selected to configure any

other non-ACD call settings.

Now in as far as your question is concerned this box has nothing at all to do with the historical reports.  There are certain reports that will show both ACD and non-ACD calls and other reports that will only show the ACD calls.  The graph below should help you determine this.

Hopefully this is helpful.  If not, please clarify your question and I'll do my best to answer it.

Thank you,


Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your response.

Currently if the customer has a one line solution. When they pull an Agent Detail Report, they view reports of both the ACD & non-ACD calls made by the agent.

The customer is due to move to a 2 line solution, when the agent makes a call from line 2, they would like these calls to show up in the Agent Detail Report as non-ACD calls as well.

Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

The Agent Detail Report will report on ACD and non-ACD calls on the agent's ICD extension.  The reports will not gather any information on non CCX controlled extensions.  So if they have a personal line and are making calls on that line, the CCX reports will not report on those calls because the CCX system is unaware of those lines.

There may be reports on the CCM that can be pulled for selected users. 

Hope this helps.


With 8.5, it seems to be documented that non-ACD calls on a non-IPCC line can be tracked/reported on via UCCX Reporting.  Using the Agent Detail report, there is a field for Call Type.  This field seems to indicate what type of call/extension this is being made/received on a non-UCCX extension.  Is this correct?

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