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UCCX - finesse - call history for agent

Hi all


I was wondering when migrating customer from CAD to finesse, if anyone has solved how to display the call history to agents in Finesse.

This feature was built into the CAD but seems to be missing in Finesse and agents are complaining they used this list a lot in CAD.


Any input appreciated,.





Hi Steven.


Getting error saying the user is not allowed to view this report - There are not configured any standard filter for the report.

i did mark the enable Unauthenticated Access -

I need the agent to see his call logs - not the supervisor.






Hi Filip,


You'd need to give users the write to execute the report under permissions.  As I pointed out, this would be all calls for the team, not just the individuals call log.

I'm not sure of a way to filter the report on just the agents name.



Thanks Steven, I was able to get the permalink to the CUIC report to launch in a new tab within Finesse.

How did you deal with refreshing the CUIC report data?  It seems like refreshing within Finesse doesn't do anything, and the only way to refresh the report is to do it within CUIC (which defeats the purpose of having it as a gadget within Finesse).

I also tried running the report using the built in scheduler (quickest recurrence being every 5 minutes) but that doesn't seem to refresh data in the report either.


Hi Ted,

It seems like your report might be cached.  Finesse Tomcat does some caching, but this is normal.  It should only be caching the definitiion of the report, not the content.  What browser are you using?  I'd recommend trying a different browser for testing.

In the environment I deployed something similar to this, they were using IE.  The refresh of the content would automatically refresh ever 15 minutes for historical reports.  If this is too high of a value, you'll need to use the standalone version of CUIC with a premium license to change the report definition to reduce this value.  You can install CUIC with a demo license that gives you all features, but once this runs out, you'll need a premium license for making changes to a UCCX CUIC report.

If you think there are failures of content reaching the finesse desktop, click on the Send Error Report, then you can pull the logs from RTMT.

Hope this helps,


Yes , I have tested this one by creating a report usind CUIC standalone server and i have set to 15 sec refresh interval. it works.

But Steven this pulls all of team report. Is there a way to filter based on Agent name / Agent id.?




Hi Ted,

My apologies, I found in the permalink for this report on an 11.x UCCX the following:


The refresh rate has been added and defaults to 1800 seconds.  I haven't tried this on earlier versions. 

I'm also testing out adding @param10, which is the Agent Name for this report, as a filter.  Something like &filterId=@param10=loginId.

Also looking at a more informative name for @param10.  I believe agentName will work.

I'll update a little later.



Hi Steve

I have tried with this filter , it gives out error.




Hi Steve 

Could you please let me know whether you are able to filter the report by agent name / login id ?




Hi Mohamed,

I haven't found a way to filter a report that uses the permalinkviewer gadget.  Seems like the filter needs to be built into the permalink by setting up the default filter.  From there I couldn't come up with a way, if you built X number (number of agents) permalinks to be able to display them based on the agentID.  You should be able to use the Learning Sample Gadget to obtain the agentID and display the relevant call logs.  This, obviously, doesn't scale well, but it will at least make it manageable on a small scale.


Hi Steve,

I have created the gadget to display the agent call history in Finesse. But the problem is that it is showing the call history for all the agents. Also it has the restriction of having 8000 rows so are loosing on the data for the agent on the day.

So can have the gadget to display the call history on per agent basis. \

Looking forward for your reply!


The only way I think you can do that is to supply a parameter in the quick link. Unfortunately, this is not supported in UCCX. 


I spent a bit of time trying to get the hyperlinks to work and take parameters. Turns out that the CUIC running standalone is different from CUIC running as part of UCCX. Hyperlinks do not take parameters in UCCX. (Contact Centre Express)

I mention this here in case someone else who is desperately trying to figure out how to provide a call history for the agents but is running the inferior UCCX.

I do wish to say "boo Cisco, boo" after they took away the call history we used to have in Cisco Agent Desktop. 


Hi Steven

Sorry to hijack the discussion but I have a question  on the upload to Finesse part.

I understand that I need to modify the agent display to show the new tab using Add in the gadget to the layout, something like, <gadget> \desktop\thirdpartygadget\files\callLogs\CUIC.xml </gadget> 

Question 1 - the CUIC.xml - Is the CUIC "just "  the name of the file you upload to finesse so if  you called the file "report" then the line  would be

<gadget> \desktop\thirdpartygadget\files\callLogs\report.xml </gadget> 

or if it is a web page as in a service desk application-, would it be

<gadget> \desktop\thirdpartygadget\files\callLogs\mycompanyservicedesk.xml </gadget> 

Question 2- I understand that you create  the 3rdparty account in finesse it automatically creates a folder, my question is  that if I`m trying to get a web page as in  a service desk application to be displayed such as ; what is the format of the upload

my_workstation:gadgets user$ sftp 3rdpartygadget@<finesse>
3rdpartygadget@<finesse>'s password:
Connected to <finesse>.
sftp> cd /files
sftp> put mycompanyservice.xml
Uploading mycompanyservicedesk.xml to /files/mycompanyservicedesk.xml

question 3 How do I check the files already in   the folder on the CLI - is it the case of logging finesse using 3rdPartyGadget account?



Refer below to understand this more effectively:




Awesome and thanks for sharing. I did all this but my problem now is I need to restrict the calls to the agent rather than showing all calls for the team.

When I add &@param5=007 to the end of the Permalink, I get a message:

Failed to create Report Filter from the given set of variable parameters

Have you managed to solve your problem yet?