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UCCX functionality question

Running CUCM, CUC, UCCX for a small contact center.  Internal customer wants to have the ability to have the system read a generated wav file into a called numbers voicemail box.   While i know that functionality is possible here is what makes it difficult; the agent is dialing out to the client (in this instance to validate previous employment dates) and if they get a human the agent will speak to them, however if they get a voicemail they want to be able to select a button that will prompt the reading of a generated text to speech file, and so the agent can disconnect and move on to the next task.  Internal developers are going to generate the text to speech part of the equation, the difficulty i see is the agent disconnecting while the wav file plays, unless the button they select initiates a conference call to the agent who can then drop off so the other part of the call is maintained, and at that point how long the call takes to connect to the agent if the agent already is in the called numbers voicemail.


Im sure some type of this functionality exists, just not sure how to integrate into the UCCX   Thank you for any suggestions

Elliot Dierksen
Rising star

That sounds like a job for UCCX outbound dialing. There are some features native to CCX with a Premium license, and there are add on products for that as well.

i thought about that but they want this to be on demand, so if they get a human then two humans speak.  Doing outbound dialing, even if they initiate the call immediately there would have to be a function to interpret if the number they dialed required any extension or other entry, and then what if the person was just on the phone already and the robot call back gets a human this time.   Me personally as soon as i hear the generated text to speech i hang up


Elliot Dierksen
Rising star

Certainly no outbound dialer is 100%. The only thing I can think of is using preview dialing which means the agent makes the determination as to whether there is a human or not. You could have a work flow short cut that allows the agent to transfer the call to another CCX application that sends the desired message. That would require TTS services, and some non-trivial scripting, but might be possible.

That is a very good idea i will have to run this by the managers, would certainly get around the timing issue if the wav file is already created and if a human answers they just dont initiate the playback.   Thank you


I don't use outbound dialing solutions, so no help on what capabilities it has if the agents wants to do this adhoc.

Along the same line of thought that Elliott mentioned..   though no idea if it could happen fast enough,  Soon as Agent realizes no live person, use the Direct Transfer button in Finesse (aka Blind Transfer)  to a specific extension.

That Extension could be a Trigger number for a Script that has minimal steps (Accept Trigger , 2 sec Delay, Play Prompt (this is the recording you want to play--does not need to be a Text To Speech,,,  just a .wav file), then a Goto End step.)

OR The Extension could be an Extension in CUCM,  and have CallFwdAll setting to go straight to VM, and have go straight to Greeting, play the greeting and drop the call.

Again no idea if quick enough  .. but certainly easy enough to test out.

That it actually a great thought with the blind transfer, as you indicated the timing will likely be an issue and unfortunately the message would have some text to speech elements because there are variables that they want read into the message (subjects name, dates of employment, callback number and case number)   I could package an actual human speaking WAV file around that.  i may test this out to see.   Thank you

VIP Collaborator

You could do this with UCCE using an outbound campaign that had answering machine detection (AMD)/call progress analysis (CPA).

So if answering machine detected, play that audio file you want, and if you get a person queue it to the agent. Not sure if a conversion to UCCE is practical for you, but perhaps something to consider.

Thank you, UCCE is not likely for the size of the company that this is for, but i will check to see if that functionality is available in PCCE, that may be a more palatable cost to them.   Regards


Hi Has your requirement been fulfilled.

If not and you are open to 3rd party solutions then this application requirement can be delivered via Finesse Gadget.

Play out a pre-recorded message in an active call

Use cases :
Agents need to say the same content to each called party
Agent may hit a answering machine - As per business process a fixed content may need to be spoken to answering machines/voice mail box
Post start of audio play agent can move out to the next call rather than waiting for the audio playout to be completed - Increases agent output
Agents can record their own messages


For more details please write to

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