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Upgrade QM/WFM 11x to 115

Any one out there have any good docs on upgrading QM/WFM servers from 11x to 11.5 (latest)?  

I am reviewing documentation on


First step is to request an upgrade plan from PDI.  Did that but apparently PDI is closing 19JAN19 and I got what looked like auto reply referring me to this forum.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Re: Upgrade QM/WFM 11x to 115

Hello Steve Dickey,

I am working on upgrading QM from version 11 to 11.5 and have the same question.
Could you find the answer?

Thanks in advance,
Rising star

Re: Upgrade QM/WFM 11x to 115

Before you start

If you are running on ESXi make sure you don't have any snapshots if you do delete them in advance.

Make sure you have a copy of the existing software version in case you need to roll back.

Check the \Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM is excluded from your antivirus.


Upgrade process

When you upgrade QM it updates the database schema so you will not be able to roll back.

If you are on ESXi shutdown all the QM servers and take a snapshot before you start the upgrade so you have a rollback option.

If you are not on ESXi or your database is on another server you must take a backup of the SQMDB database before you start.

Perform the upgrade, you only need to run the setup_MonRec_1151_SR7_ES?.exe

When the upgrade finishes it will run postinstall, if you have no changes just click through postinstall.

if you have more than one QM server do the base server first then any additional recording servers.

It should take less than an hour to do the upgrade.



Make sure you can access and play back existing recordings

Make sure new calls are recorded and play back.

If you have installed a copy of the "Quality Management Administrator" program on any other machines you will need to download and install a new copy from the QM server.


If you need to rollback.

If you are on ESXi shutdown QM and revert to the snapshot.

If you are not on ESXi, uninstall the 11.5 release, restore your SQMDB database backup, reinstall the 11.0 software.



Re: Upgrade QM/WFM 11x to 115

Thank you very much for your reply.

Will try the process.

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