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Web View 7.0 Login Issue.

I have installed the web view 7.o but the issue is that when i loged in web view it shows the error that user is not Authenticate. And the user is available in user list (ICM configuration Manager). user is also exist in active directory.I am loging in web view with domain name ( Also I have restarted the IIS services lot of time even the machine. ICM Jaguar watch dog service is automatically stops after 30 seconds.

Kindly help me in this regards.

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There are some issues here.

If the person logging in is a supervisor, they will only be able to see reports for their team.

I find it useful to create a user "reportviewer" that isn't an agent.

Whatever you do, you have to add this user into the "Webview" group in instance OU under the Cisco_Root OU you created when you installed ICM (two layers down from the root).

Once you add them, they'll be able to log in.


That's exactly what I do also.

Once I realized that the webview login created automatically by the promotion of the agent to a supervisor was limited (I had used their peripheral number as the supervisor login user name), I made that password more complex and stopped publishing that WebView login to the teams.

I created a new user for each supervisor using the User List tool with name equal to their agent login name (with WebView checked) and used the password they were used to.




Hi, I have been also making exact configuration but when I try to use same username on User List screen I am getting the message that below;

"The account XX in domain YYY is already mapped to an ICM user account on this ICM instance database. Duplicate accounts are not allowed"

Does anyone have any idea?



Did you get an answer i am having the exact same problem.


Just like the message says, you have a domain account already mapped out to a user. Can you use a different account?



go into the domain controller, active directory users list and reset the password of Jajuar watchdog user. then go into the web view server, in services find the jaguar service open the properties click on the logon TAB then select This account ready button and browse the ICM jaguar watchdog user and give the same password which you set for jaguar watchdog user in domain controller. then try to start the jaguar service. if it does not work try another thing on the logon instead of this account select local system account.

I want to know one more thing is your apache tomcat service is running or not. it should be running. if not do the same thing which I asked you to do for jaguar watchdog service.

kindly let me know if your problem resolve.


Goto Configuration Manager -> Domain Manager

Add the user name under the proper domain.

Secondly check in User List under Config Manager check whether Web View is enabled for the user.

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