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Hi there,First of all, I'm unsure whether I should place this question in here or in the small business forum - sorry for that.Hardware:Cisco SG350X-48Software: we acquired a substantial amount of Cisco SG350X devices.From what I c...

Hello,       I am trying to use a template to deploy multiple 2960s in multiple locations via APIC-EM PnP. Does anyone know how I would be able to create a variable for an ip address? It seems when I use the $ I can only capture the first two words. ...

We are testing APIC-EM to do day zero deployment of our 3850's.  Everything goes smoothly with the configuration push.  Unfortunately the APIC-EM server is creating a pnp profile which upon rebooting will contact the APIC-EM server and re-download th...

gm.watson by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi! I'm testing provisioning with C1111-8PLTEEA device and I found a strange behavior:After config were deployed APIC-EM is reloading router.Here is output from router console: Mar  6 08:21:38.346 CET: %XML-SRVC: urn:cisco:pnp:config-upgrade XML Serv...

JPvisltgb by Level 4
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I have 2 devices stuck in unknown state. I've tried to re-discover them, but there was no change in their status.Then I tried to delete them and I got the following error message:I have restarted the APIC-EM server, but I still get the same error mes...

Vag by Level 1
  • 23 replies
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Hello - I currently have 6 devices in an UNKNOWN state; they discovery fine with CLI / SSH / SNMP access all passing; I can SSH to the devices directly from APIC-EM. I have tried multiple discoveries; deleted the devices; re-added the devices. Howeve...

Hello Community, First a little background; We use APIC-EM PnP application to deploy a base configuration before adding devices to Prime for full configuration. This is all zero touch and allows us to fully deploy ISR devices by means of API scripts....

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