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Hi,I'm hitting 40 minutes timeout for image transfer trying to proivision L2 over slow link. Seems PnP waits for 40 minutes only. Switch itself continues to download image; finishes (in about 1.5hrs) and then waits...If there way to increase timeout ...

m.volodko by Beginner
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Howdy,Where do we have documented the Uniq library? I know we have the CiscoDevNet/uniq on but unless I am missing something, I can't find where all calls are documented. When I look under uniq/apis/nb/ I see some of the functions in the l...

ivillalo by Cisco Employee
  • 7 replies
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Having succesfuly deployed a brand new Cisco 4331 ( the health check message appears.Here's the current pnp status:4331SWA#sho pnp sum------------------ show pnp summary ------------------PnP Sche...

This is informational for those looking, like me, for POSTMAN material for APIC-EM.There is a tutorial here: a Postman collection here:apic-em-samples-aradford/tools/postman at...

I have a customer running an ESXi 6.5 environment and is interested in installing APIC-EM but the release notes indicate that APIC-EM is supported on ESXi Version 5.1/5.5/6.0.  The customer wants to know whether APIC-EM 1.4.1.x, which is currently th...

tonharr2 by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! APIC-EM Reinstall

I am trying to reinstall APIC-EM as a VM. I had it working the first time in our lab environment. Someone shut it down and it stopped working so I decided to reinstall. In the fresh install I get the messages in the screenshot. Also the sudo password...

Robert J by Beginner
  • 14 replies
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I have been unable to successfully configure the CiscoSplunkConnector ACI app to connect to our Splunk deployment. There is zero documentation, and the Developer Contact ( has not responded to an email. How can I get my hands on so...

smp by Enthusiast
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Hi Everyone,I am curently trying to deploy 200+ remote MPLS L3 VPN sites for a customer with APIC-EM PNP based on Cisco 892FSP.APIC-EM is running 1.4 and is configured with templates and everything looks fine. Each 200+ sites will have the following ...

lap by Explorer
  • 9 replies
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I'm trying to add a RO community string for discovery in the APIC-EM controller and get the following error:Unable to add Read Community; 400:undefindedMy community string has a @ < > and ! character in it.  I'm assuming this is causing the issue as ...

Perfmon is not working on the following devices4507 - Version 03.04.05.SG4500x - Version 03.04.05.SG3850 -  Version 03.03.01SE6509 - Version 15.1(2)SY4aI checked the list of supported device and found that it should work on 6509 as per below link:Cis...

raziahme by Beginner
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