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Cloud Gateway: 15.0.1-030Gateway (HW/Virtual): 15.0.1-030Email and Web Manager: 15.0.0-413Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Getting Started with Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Join us as our experts walk you through some of the fundamentals, key concepts, and outcomes of the Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense product. We will help you gain the insight needed to create a...

Hello,   I'm attempting to validate an incoming content filter using the Trace function before committing the changes to the ESA, however, it appears that it doesn't actually evaluate the country code from the IP address given. However, if I commit t...

2018-04-19_9-38-16.png trace01.png trace02.png
joelbland by Level 1
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Hi, We are using smart identifier with content filter to scan the incoming emails for credit card information. However, there are several false-positives and looking at DLP for the same. Is DLP supported on incoming policies? We are using ESA C670 on...

Pravar by Level 1
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Two weeks ago I have sent some HAM-emails to the portal.I can see 8 Actionable Submissions But since 2 weeks I don´t see any status changes. What is happening with these emails?The Status ist always the same. "8 Number of Actionable Submissions" How ...

mewi by Level 1
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hi I lost the admin account password for the ESA C680 device.   I found a way to change and reset the admin account password by losing the admin account password while I was conducting the POC to the customer.

Hi,   We have a cluster of two ESA C600V running on 10.0.0-203. We want to upgrade to 11.1.0 or 11.0.0. My questions are: 1) Is there a document which can point me to the correct upgrade process of Cisco C600V? And how long does it take to complete t...

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